Rename Wallace Hall

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Auburn University's campus holds buildings named after very honorable and influential people within the state of Alabama: Helen Keller, James E. Foy, Katherine Cooper Cater, etc. Among these buildings is Wallace Hall which was named after George Wallace, the former governor of Alabama. 

As governor, Wallace promoted and encouraged segregation between black and white people, he tried to stop public schools in Alabama from integrating, and he personally stood in the way of two black students at the University of Alabama to stop them from registering for classes. 

On May 31st, in response to the unjust murder of George Floyd, Auburn University tweeted, "While we acknowledge the painful reality that prejudice and bigotry exist, we stand resolute that they have no place in the Auburn Family. As an institution that values and embraces each individual, we oppose hate and exclusion and acts that promote them." 

Having a racist governor that was so against integration in schools be forever immortalized on Auburn's campus directly contradicts this statement. In order to make true on their word, I'd like to publicly ask Auburn University to rename Wallace Hall. There are countless influential people, especially people of color, that are related to Auburn University and the state of Alabama. 

As an alternative, I propose Franklin Hall to honor Harold Franklin, the first black student to be enrolled at Auburn University.