Rename Wallace Hall

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Update from President Gogue

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for signing this petition to help bring honor onto Auburn's campus. I've been so touched to see it grow as far as it has, and to see it garner support from students, faculty, and people across the country.  Earlier today, President Gogue emailed Auburn students and said, "In the past week, many courses of action have been proposed, including ridding campus of hurtful symbols, creating campus-wide conversations, building relevant coursework and training, and strengthening recruitment of African American students and faculty. Just this morning, I listened to concerns and recommendations from a group of African American student leaders who represent many areas of campus. Their love for Auburn is sincere, and their thoughts for moving forward are heartfelt and constructive. I came away with renewed sensitivity to the state of the nation and our university and an enhanced sense of urgency for positive change." He also said that he will be forming a task force to help make these changes across campus. While he didn't directly address this petition in his email, his response is great news for this particular cause. I can only hope that through this task force, proper change is brought to campus, and anything/everything honoring a person with similar beliefs as George Wallace is renamed.  I will keep the petition up, and I still encourage everyone to sign and share with their family and friends. Change hasn't happened yet, so we can't give up on showing our support. As of writing this, nearly 10,000 people have signed in support of changing the name. Thank you again to everyone who has signed so far. Our voices can only grow from here, and I truly hope that Dr. Gogue and the Board of Trustees takes them into consideration.

Ashley Henton
2 years ago