Fire Coach Gus Malzahn

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The horrific collapse against LSU is enough. His time at Auburn should have been over a while ago but it can no longer be justified to pay a man millions of dollars to coach worse than a ten year old playing Madden.

This man's offenses against Auburn are numerous and unacceptable. Letting of the throttle and costing the University a National Championship to an inferior FSU team that we could have, "named our score against", according to numerous pundits/players/coaches. Failing to recruit and develop a quarterback that wasn't a naturally amazing runner. Being herald as an offense Mastermind who has failed to even move the ball against a terrible LSU team, an overrated Clemson, and last year a mediocre Georgia.

He has no heart, it can be seen in tough losses where he essentially brushes it off and seems to not care. Always has an excuse and continually fails to see the key point. Against LSU he should have been pissed about the defensive performance and the stalling offense; instead he gloated about a 9 point lead.

He has no manhood, not going for it on 4th and 1 was the turning point of the game. You have one of the best backs in the SEC and you don't go for it? Seems like he could make decisions for the Seattle Seahawks.

He is overthinking everything. There's no other explanation as to why our only passing routes were screens at the line of scrimmage and long bombs into double coverage. He's constantly blowing timeouts because he can't be decisive enough in tough situations. He has been out coached by numerous idiotic coaches. Our teams look I'll prepared, confused, and often unmotivated.

I hear Waffle House is hiring.


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