Removal of David Bibb Graves Name from Auburn University's Campus

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According to The Auburn University Board of Trustees "the naming of a University facility in honor of an individual or an entity is one of the highest recognitions that Auburn University can bestow. The Board of Trustees names buildings, other University facilities, roads, structures or edifices, rooms, and other areas in and around the University facilities in honor of those who have an exceptional record of service and/or contribution of a charitable gift to Auburn University. Accordingly, it is the policy of the Board of Trustees that only the most exceptional record of service or contribution to Auburn University shall merit the naming of a building or facility."

Auburn University has buildings named after a multitude of highly influential people. While we recognize most of these people have created positive change, some of these individuals do not uphold the values set forth by Auburn University's creed and mission statement. The Graves Amphitheater on Auburn University's campus is named after David Bibb Graves. Graves was a chapter president for the Montgomery chapter of the KKK. 

This past week Auburn president made a statement saying "As an institution that values and embraces each individual, we oppose hate and exclusion and acts that promote them." The name of David Bibb Graves Amphitheater does not promote these values.

Graves Amphitheater can easily be seen as glorifying someone that did acts that were deeply offensive and painful. For students, faculty, and alumni to walk past it or to have to live near that space is really something that Auburn should not continue to find acceptable.

There are many other individuals that uphold what it means to be an Auburn man or woman and have created positive change in the community that would be exceptional candidates in replacement of David Bibb Graves name on the Graves Amphitheater.