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Hi, my name is Nathan and I have written a book about issues I have faced with depression, anxiety and even autism. These combined, make life hard and challenging. And I, and many people like me have battled obstacles all my life because we cannot be the people that parents/society/friends want us to be.


I have wrote a very somber, personal story about when I was at my worst, in which it slowly transitions into people being able to help me, slowly realizing what needs to be done and who I should be talking to. Think of it as a stepping stone for where to place your foot next if you are ever in this situation. This is no "Thirteen Reasons Why" but it is very similar in the sense that you should always speak up if you ever feel this way. Suicide in this time for me was very prominent too, so it also tackles those issues.

Now, the real issue here is that general media, albeit social and others, DO NOT WANT THIS TOPIC TO BE DISCUSSED. They block and filter it out, and if they do talk about it, it isn't a way that can connect with people, it feels very robotic and forced rather than being more realistic and relating. I really hope I am able to get this book PUBLISHED, that is my real goal. And no it is not finished, but just the core aspect of getting this story recognized will mean so much to me and it will compel me to finish this project of mine. 

I'll also deliver a small FAQ below, thank you for reading!

Question: Why are you making this book?
I am making this to make issues like suicide, anxiety, autism and depression known, and more spoken out about. Stories like mine and other people like me need to be told.

Question: Why do you want your book published?
Because if it wasn't, it would not get the publication it deserves. I could pursue this myself to get it published, but I simply do not have the resources.

Question: Why does YOUR story need to be told?

It doesn't necessarily, but I honestly do not know anyone else's better than my own, and I am able to project that into words on a page to be meaningful, inspiring and outright believable .

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