Yes for ATV/UTV in downtown Morrisville VT

Yes for ATV/UTV in downtown Morrisville VT

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Lisa Desjardins started this petition to ATV/UTV Owners

As you are aware Morrisville is looking to open up parts of Morrisville for ATV and UTV operators to connect to other towns and trails. 

The Select board will be discussing this topic in the coming weeks and it is important we get this petition to them prior. 

Here is a copy of my most recent letter to the Select Board:

Good day,

I am writing in regards to the possibility of ATV community opening up to downtown Morrisville and connecting to other towns and trails. 

I feel strongly that this would be a wonderful idea. Not only because we are proud owners of side by sides, but because it’s brings our friends and families together to enjoy time and make memories together.

While making these memories we are needing to stop for gas, get snacks, heck, may even get lunch. Now, imagine ATV’ers from other parts of Vermont coming here, getting gas, lunch, snack and staying the night or two. Look how much revenue that literally cost the town nothing....

Now, I get we have some folks that are strongly against what we enjoy doing. Their thoughts are a bit extreme in my opinion and their aggression towards not allowing us to try this at all is honestly ridiculous. Not liking the noise, the rule breakers, farmland, and dusty. Ok, let’s face it. We have these same complainers that are bikers that take up half the road, that don’t pay registration, or insurance or have to take any classes to be on the road, yet they are allowed, and no one is going to the select board or front porch forum and complaining and demanding them to be removed or not allowed....
then you have snowmobilers. These folks are running at high rates of speed at very late hours of the night; their machines yeah; may be quieter but man do they smell so much worse. I’ve personably seen these running right down Bridge street and parked at a house there and no one seems to be bothered by that (nor am I).
As far as farmland, we don’t want to bother their animals, trust me. We all like farmland as much as they do.
The rule breakers, well we hold them accountable just like any other time.

I could go on and on, however I’m sure y’all got my drift.

Let’s all be kind humans. Accept that we all like different things. And when we don’t like what others do, simply turn away and redirect yourself. Be the kind this world needs more of! 

If you are wanting this, please sign this petition. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!