Juvenile Sentenced to 32 Years In Prison Based On A Lie St. Louis Police Made Witness Say

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Eric Gray was 15 when he met 22 year old Sonya Whitlock. I told her to leave him alone she was to old for him. She became pregnant, during her pregnancy she set Eric up to be killed by her supposed ex boyfriend. Unfortunately someone else was killed. Eric was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter and Armed Criminal Action. He was given a sentence of 32 years. He is the first in the state of Missouri to get that sentence as a minor or adult. As you can see, the mother of his son, the same 22 year old white woman lied on him. She was forced to lie by the St. Louis police Department. That's what she said in court. She also made a statement on Facebook and messaged me and admitted she lied. I have custody of their son and has had him since he was 9 months old. He have never been able to hold his child that is now 10, outside the prison walls. Please help me bring my son home. I dont want to lose him. The average person would have been released by now. 
Can someone explain how can a person be locked up off of a Facebook post, but they won't free you from a Facebook post. The chilling part about this is, Eric has not given a statement to this date and it has been 11 years. Everything is based on what she said. You know the JURY wanted to acquit him when some members of the jury ask the judge could they hug him after the trial. This judge basically gave him life.
I have written the governor twice and Missouri DOC once, but to no avail. I'm begging for you to help me save my son. 
Thank you,
Marsha Sanders