Keep Jamie Jessop from going to Federal Prison

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We, citizens of Missouri, are speaking on behalf of our concern regarding the arrest of Jamie Jessop. We have been informed of his unfortunate arrest and being charged as a felon in possession of a firearm. While we hold high respect for the aim of authorities to preserve the safety of St. Louis, a city which we love, we highly encourage the court to make a reconsideration for Mr. Jessop due to our knowledge of his ability to exercise safety among the community.
We have held high respect for Mr. Jessop’s ability to maintain consistency and health when working long and hard hours year after year in order to build a stable home and income for his family. He managed the stress of not having a recreational life/prioritizing progress and responsibility over fun and is almost finished in accomplishing this family goal. It would be disheartening to see his goal fail after so many years of maturity, responsibility, dedication, committment, and effort.
Mr. Jessop chose a diverse, yet economically challenged neighborhood in which to invest his time and energy building community.  His dedication to rehabilitating historic homes and businesses has positively impacted the lives and livelihoods of a wide range of individuals.  He has greatly increased the safety of his neighborhood through camera installations, among other projects.  However, the area remains extremely dangerous.  Lives have been at risk when coming over to visit due to individuals shooting guns in close enough proximity to have a view of the weapons. We have witnessed (and/or read reports of) people on their street displaying aggressive behavior, harassment, assault, trespassing on his land with a deadly weapon, as well as attempts of breaking and entering. 
Again, during our years of association with Mr. Jessop, we have always witnessed him being a stable minded and responsible individual. We feel safe with him, see him as valuable to his community, and urge reconsideration for his case in order for him to continue to take care of his family and community. We would hate to see their stability, health, and safety be lost. Thank you for your consideration in not removing Mr.Jessop from our community.  Incarceration would only be a miscarriage of justice and a waste of valuable resources better spent pursuing the actual criminals in our neighborhood; this man is only protecting himself, his family and his community, not the other way around. 


Citizens of Missouri & The United States of America

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