Make Storage Companies Much More Accountable For Storage Robberies, its a big epidemic.

Make Storage Companies Much More Accountable For Storage Robberies, its a big epidemic.

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charlotte west started this petition to Attorney generals office and
There is a big epidemic going on in Sacramento, California and other outlying cities.

I have had all three of my storages burglarized and the storage companies aren't being held accountable for this, when they should be.

The robberies are either due to an employee doing it (the company is corrupt), or due to irresponsibility and negligence or their walls in units are able to be opened up to access another persons belongings,(the walls have unscrewable bolts to undo to get in.

The storage Companies all put in their contracts that they are not responsible in any way for your stolen belongings, but you don't expect any of the above to be happening when signing the contract, so in these cases especially, the contract is a breach and should be ignored.

These storage companies are not regulated or mandated at all. Another words, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and all these other consumer protection organizations do not deal with this type of Business. I know, I sent then an email explaining what happened and the response was we don't deal with this kind of company.

Also you'll find that the Police Dept. and Sheriff Dept. don't investigate these kinds of robberies. I experienced this as well. In Small Claims Court you lose, because basically you have to of had to catch the burglar in order to have sufficient evidence with the judge to win the case.

Also, when your storage unit is robbed the storage company will not let you see the videos of the burglary and since the cops won't investigate, it's a losing battle for anything to be done. Another words the video surveilance cameras is useless and there for nothing.

I cannot afford to sue storage companies, because I don't have the funds to pay an expensive lawyer, so unless I miraculously get enough money from somewhere, then I would do it!

I have lost at least $35,000 from all three storage's being robbed. I'm sure other people have probably lost a lot more. There are a lot of people not filing police reports either, because they probably believe nothing will be done. I know, because I talk to people all the time who told me they had a storage space that was robbed and did not file a report.

I talked to a sheriff one day and he said he alone does 50 storage robbery reports per day. That's not including other sheriff's who take reports or the police dept. doing reports either. This folks is for the one's that do file a report, but not the ones who don't bother with it.

We need to stand up for our consumer rights and these kinds of companies have gone on long enough without any accountability.
Lets get to signing this petition, so I can forward it to all the big wigs I listed above. Including the Attorney General.

I don't know how many thousands of people are being ripped off, but again lets do something about it. All businesses should be held accountable. Not just certain ones. I can't believe the Better Business Bureau dosen't deal with this kind of business, thats what they told me.

I know who robbed me in every single robbery, but nothing is being done about it and the perpetrator is getting off scot-free with my belongings, (almost my whole apt.).

You may have to get a storage someday, you never know. It may be cause you lost your job, house or due to a natural disaster. Then you may have to rent out a storage space to keep some of your stuff you were able to save.

I am doing this petition not just for myself, but everyone that was ever robbed and will be robbed in the future, if something is not done. Please, I beg you to sign this petition to bring about the changes that need to be changed. I want to see much stricter laws for these storage companies, so they don't get away with no accountability at all.

I have been depressed, outraged, angry, devastated, high-anxiety and cannot focus on the things I should be focusing on, because of three of my storage's being robbed. So I am using my energy to try to get some good results, so people in the future can feel much better about leaving their stuff in storage. There are also a lot of homeless people that have storage spaces here that are trying to hold on to the last of their precious possessions, just to have it taken from them. This is not right people, it is so wrong!

For all those out there who have any empathy and compassion, please sign this petition and lets get millions of signatures please. Pass this petition on to all social media sites and wherever else you can think of including your friends and family. Lets get justice.

P.S, the storage companies that got away with no accountability are : U-haul Moving And Storage (one's with storage spaces), Trojan Storage and All Size Storage. Beware, they won't take any accountability for your stuff being gone and show in their attitude that they are not sympathetic at all, just act indifferent. They don't even say their sorry it happened to you.

If you can donate anything to pay a lawyer and try to take them to court, I would really be grateful.

Remember, I am fighting for all of us to change the laws!

Passing the petition on to all those that can bring about changes like the Attorney General and Congress.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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