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Change definitions of Parent & Father in Acts Governing Children & Families

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Biological Fathers and grandparents are losing their children or grandchildren therefore putting a strain on the funding to Children Aid Societies for foster care, and allowing for adoptions that are not necessary.

The Family Law Act does not recognize Biological fathers who 1. did not live with the mother during the 300 days prior to birth 2. did not live with her after the birth and 3. who were not married to the mother. This is discrimination of the cruelest kind not just to the father but the Child/children. IF DNA testing proves a man is the Biological father and he wants to have custody and/or access he should be given that right.

If the mother, father or both are deemed as unfit parents then all other family members who are willing to take the child/children should be given that chance.

We the undersign want the Children's Aid, the Ontario Government and Justice System to STOP taking our children!

We demand the Attorney General make the necessary changes in this Act recognizing the Biological fathers, whose children are not the result of a sexual assault or incest.  We also demand that amendments be made to grant grandparents and other family members custody or access to these children.

We also demand changes to the law that makes Children's Aid workers accountable and not above the Law for perjury, falsification of documents, neglect when a child is hurt while in their care and for the physical abuse some children receive during apprehension.

If a parent is chargeable for these offenses then so should they be.


If you are worried about repercussions from your worker or from the society but really want to sigh this petition, please feel free to just use your first initial and last initial.

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