Terminate the Gold Coast City Council ... Now

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We the people here signed to this e-petition hereby respectfully request the State Government of Queensland to terminate the Gold Coast City Council on the following grounds:

1.       There appears to be collusion between Council and developers to move the area into faster development of various suburbs setting aside the town plan by means of stealth in which to do so.

2.       There have been a number of past, proposed and future developments that breach the town plan which the Gold Coast City Council have spent many millions of dollars on and in studies to do so.

3.       The Gold coast City Council has abandoned its requirement for due care and responsibility to the rate payers and residents. It has not shown proper down sides to various projects that effect the communities, ecology, environment and lifestyle of the areas in which they are proposed.  

4.       Many of the cities elderly who do not use the internet do not get to have their say on these projects…therefore the true numbers who do not want them are not being correctly obtained and or shown.

5.       Many of the matters of concern to resident are simply being set aside without due and proper consideration. This to the point where concerned residents are called names such as Nimby’s (Not in My Back Yard)

6.       There are concerns by many in the public that donations and lobbying have a strangle hold and that there could be a beneficial interest base surrounding many proposals

These matter and projects include but are not limited to:

  • The light rail project especially stages 3A and 3B… and now a possible stage 4 & 5. Of special concern is the 800 meter development corridor and a chronic lack of parking that is taken away. During its construction many small business owners will be left with the burden of access for up to 3 years in some cases causing them significant financial burden.
  • Parking and suitable roads for those who do drive and need to drive an automobile.
  • The spit proposed ASF development.
  • A cruise ship terminal with in the spit area followed by a floating Cruise ship terminal 800mts off shore.
  • A spear line through Main Beach for the Light Rail was proposed so that these two projects could advance without public opposition.
  • Sale of Bruce Bishop car park.
  • Black swan lake being gifted to the Turf club for $1.
  • Large scale development on historically well-known flood plains.
  • The ILS and the GC Airport development beyond its initial regional capability. This project also has large scale health issues with Benzene and Benzene based by-products such as PFOA and PFAS. It appears this has missed the radar of the EPA and is not listed as a toxic site.
  • Developers in the airport area are left un-addressed about toxic out flows which pollute beaches and waterways.

We submit this petition to you accordingly.

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