Royal Commission into NSW Courts

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Judges allow lawyers to decide outcome by accepting what evidence is clearly ignored by them when presenting their defence. . Then they do not direct the dury in regard to the missing or corrupted evidence. 

This is a direct manipulation of the jury members to gain a verdict that is in the judges belief with corrupt evidence. 

The impact this exact protocol brought upon my son and I is continuing to this day. Over a decade later the legal system is still making decisions against us based on an unjust verdict that was brought about through clear corruption by police, lawyers and judges that knew they were corrupting evidence that would persuade the lay man, the jury. 

The arresting detective corrupted evidence by way of editing CCTV footage, my legal aid appointed defence barrister(now a judge) refused to test this evidence when the judge himself raised it and then the judge refused to direct the dury. This was after the professional that prepared the CCTV and handed it to the arresting detective was clear that it was corrupted. 

The “justice” system is systematically corrupt and will remain this way until there is an open royal commission. 

Until then many lives will continue to be ruined!