No parole and harsher punishment for child abusers and murderers

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Today, a father of a then 3 year old girl was charged with 9 years for manslaughter and sentenced to jail. He had punched her, causing a fatal blow to her abdomen. In her last moments of life she was vomiting what he described as 'green fluid', and still did not take her to receive medical treatment. This man was found to have locked his daughter in a room for hours at a time 'so he could sleep'. He would do this, without providing her any water, food or a toilet. After 80% of this sentence, he will be eligible for parole.

As a mother of a 3 year old girl, when I heard this over the radio today I immediately began to cry. This poor little girl had to face so much hate and abuse in such a short amount of time. How could ANYONE treat a child that way, ESPECIALLY their father. Someone who should be there to protect his child.

How can someone so evil, someone who has such disregard for the life of another human being, ESPECIALLY his own daughter, someone who is able to commit MURDER, ABUSE and NEGLECT, only have to serve a possible 80% of a 9 year jail-term? How can a crime so disgusting and inhumane, merit a mere 9 years?

We as a people, as a country and as a global community should be shocked, angered and outraged. Neglect, abuse and the murder of a child should not be met with a smack on the wrist. This man, and the hundreds of people like him who are able to do such sick acts should be met with HARSH punishment and should NOT be allowed to see parole.

We must stand up and say NO to child abuse, NO to neglect of a child and NO to the murder of another human, and ESPECIALLY a poor, defenseless child.

There is no justice for the death of another human, and when this human is a child it should be seen that the person who caused harm is NEVER able to re-offend again. 9 years for a crime so awful is something I can barely get my head around.

So, I made this petition. First, I want to ensure that child abusers and murderers are not able to receive parole under any circumstances. There must be a clear message sent to these people, that what they have done is unacceptable and that they are not worthy of a second chance. NO parole for child abusers. NO parole for child murderers. EVER.

If possible, I also believe that the sentencing laws are inadequate. This is a crime that has taken away someones life. A poor, 3 year old girl who could not defend herself, and was abused continuously and forced to be locked up without basic human rights such as water, food and a toilet. A crime of this nature should see the person who has committed it be locked away for far more than 9 years. At this point in time I do not have recommendations for sentencing times. However, the message we need to send is as simple as this, 9 years is FAR too short for a crime of this nature. The laws regarding crimes of this nature need to be readdressed, as they do not reflect the beliefs of our country.

If you are against the abuse of children, please, I urge you to sign this petition and share it with anyone you can. One death is too many, one child being abused or neglected is too many. We must make our voices heard, as these children are in these circumstances, so often voiceless.


Thank you.