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Investigate violations of the Voting Rights Act in Florida and Pennsylvania

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America's history is full of schemes to keep people of color and low-income voters away from the polls, or find methods to invalidate their votes, such as the Republican Voter Caging schemes of 2004 and 2006. Today, the Republican governors of Florida and Pennsylvania are purging the voting rolls using vehicle registration data that is certain to target new voters and voters who don't drive. As the Attorney General himself has acknowledged, such practices amount to a "poll tax" referring to the now-illegal practice of collecting a voter's fee at the polls, a practice sure to target low-income voters, which was exactly the point. If Mr. Holder truly believes that Florida and Pennsylvania's practice amounts to a poll tax, then he needs to take action right now. Eric Holder needs to Party Like its 1965, step up to the plate, and vigorously enforce the Voting Rights Act, which became law that year. Mr. Holder needs to make sure that the shameful actions of Florida in 2000 do not happen again, and that the voting irregularities in Ohio of 2004 (as documented by Robert F. Kennedy’s brilliant article), are not repeated. Tell Mr. Holder to take action now.

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