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Outlaw private companies from booting cars

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Private companies are booting cars for money as a scam here in Colorado. is one of them. They are booting cars that are parked legally in their designated areas. They are charging a fine of $345 with $175 being refundable if you return the boot within 24 hours after paying the $345. They are getting away with this by being labeled as a service company and Apartment complexes are hiring them and taking part of the profit as well. The private company charges the fine by saying it's the boot removal service fee(offering a service) and then they have you put in the lock combination to unlock the boot once you pay the $345. You in fact have to remove the boot yourself or they charge you even more. So, they are not delivering a service. It's a scam for money and why are they able to boot legally parked cars? They cannot legally give me a ticket. Mine was booted in my permitted parking spot  # 140 in the picture. I have been assigned this spot by my apt complex and I park here every day. They placed the boot around the axle where you cannot remove the boot by removing the tire. My permit had fallen into the floor between the seat off of my rear-view mirror but I was in my appropriate numbered spot. Residents are also supposed to be given 48 hours if permit is missing before booting. I was in my correct spot and was booted immediately with no warning because my permit was improperly displayed. It had simply fallen off and I didn't notice it. I was still in my permitted spot and not parked illegally. I spoke to them and the apartment complex with no resolution. You have to pay them to get it off. If you break the boot chain, you are now liable for criminal acts and can be sued for the damage of the boot. So, you literally cannot fight this unless through small claims court after paying the erroneous steep fee per the police department I spoke to. This is becoming a big issue in our cities. Sign the petition. Only law enforcement should be able to boot cars who are parked illegally. We shouldn't have to pay private companies to remove a boot when we are not parked illegally. This is Fraud!

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