Citizens demanding action against MPs for violent & criminal behaviour in Parliament


Citizens demanding action against MPs for violent & criminal behaviour in Parliament

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Sri Lankan citizens demanding action against the Members of Parliament for violent and criminal behaviour in Parliament

20th November 2018

Last week the Supreme Court stayed the H.E President’s gazette order to dissolve parliament and Parliament was convened from 14th – 16th November 2018.

 To our dismay, some Members of Parliament attempted to disrupt Parliamentary proceedings by using violence repeatedly from 14th to  16th of November. These are the very people  who were elected to uphold Democracy in our country.  On these days we were shocked as we watched certain Members of Parliament engaged in various violent, criminal acts of assault and damage to public property, outside parliamentary proceedings and during, to try to prevent and obstruct the Speaker from conducting Parliamentary sessions. However despite these actions, the Hon Speaker managed to conduct proceedings and passed the No Confidence Motion against Mahinda Rajapakshe’s illegal appointment as Prime Minister.

 As citizens of Sri Lanka, we believe that our Parliament belongs to us and all Members are elected to conduct business for and on behalf of the Sovereign People of this country. Violently attempting to disrupt or obstruct parliament is an offence against this democratic foundation and mandate. We therefore denounce in the strongest terms, Members of Parliament engaging in violent, criminal ways to attempt to prevent and/or disrupt the business of the House of our Parliament being conducted, as was witnessed and captured on media channels between 14th -16th  November 2018.

We are now also greatly perturbed to see that no action has as yet been taken to prosecute these Members of Parliament.

The Parliament of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Parliament Powers and Privileges Act clearly states that action can be taken against criminal acts committed in  Parliament.

As citizens of this country, who wish to uphold the Democratic values of this country and rule of law, we respectfully request that:

  • The Hon Attorney General AND Inspector General of Police immediately  institute action against these Members of Parliament for the criminal  and violent acts meted out during parliamentary sessions from 14th to 16th November 2018.

 As citizens of Sri Lanka, we reiterate that upholding the rule of law and democracy within our legislature by taking action against these Members of Parliament at this juncture is of utmost importance. We hope the  Hon Attorney General and Inspector General of Police will take necessary action.

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This petition made change with 10,004 supporters!

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