Identify, fire and charge with animal cruelty the dog catchers and those who hired them, as presented in the petition.

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Identify, fire and charge with animal cruelty the dog catchers and those who hired them, as presented in the petition.

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Mira Iordanescu started this petition to Attorney General of Romania (Office of the Attorney General of Romania) and

The TERROR the dog catchers have unleashed on the streets of Romania, from the ORDERS of mayors and the Directors of Services for the management of strays is beyond any kind of understanding for the REALLY CIVILIZED WORLD...and demonstrates ONCE AGAIN that PUBLIC MONEY is used FOR CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS and to torment citizens. There is a letter -Romanian Version first, then English, addressed to the Attorney General of Romania, Chief of the Romanian Police, and many more, with some excerpts of the law.
What you will see in the link below will horrify you...from the very first sequances you can see , not only that these " animal dontrol officers" look like THUGS, but how they TORTURE the dogs...they drag them on the asphalt....and they used tranquilizers on a PUPPY< who most likely DIED..
In the attention of the Romanian Authorities 
Office of the Attorney General of Romania
Prefect of Bucharest
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Romanian Police
Bucharest Police
Bucharest Town Hall

We kindly ask you to URGENTLY take all the necessary measures in order to identify the employees from ASPA Bucharest - the dog catchers on the video in this first link, and to defer them to justice for acts of cruelty towards animals and bad treatment of animals. It is UNACCEPTABLE for a civilized country, to have dog catchers paid from public money, acting in such a sadistic manner towards the animals, and not to be punished. These individuals are disgusting, they drag the dogs on the asphalt, and it appears that a puppy has been killed by the arrow with tranquilizer, most likely because the doze was too much for him and it is obvious that it was not administered by a veterinarian as stipulated by the law. I will forward my complain to the EU Parliament too.

Original ( 11 Sept. )

These individuals terrorize not only the dogs but also the citizens who are forced to hear the dogs screaming and to see these kind of scenes of pure barbarism.
Cainii de langa scoli adunati

Altul 10 sept.
We also ask you to analyze with objectivity the links below and to recognize that the ASPA employees , by the way they are dressed and act on the streets, by their cruelty to animals, by the fact that they enter private properties, are a DISGRACE for your city and your country.
If you consider this attitude normal, this is NOT tolerated in any other civilized country.

Quotes from your own laws : 

Legea 9/2008 pentru modificarea si completarea legii 205/2004 pentru protectia animalelor Doar cat sa va amintim de existenta acestei legi...."Art. 6. - (1) In sensul prezentei legi, prin rau tratament se intelege comportamentul brutal, abuzul in utilizarea animalelor, supunerea animalelor la eforturi inutile, precum si neasigurarea conditiilor prevazute la art. 5 alin(1).(2) In sensul prezentei legi, prin cruzime fata de animale se intelege:a) omorarea animalelor, cu intentie;h) maltratarea si schingiuirea animalelor; j) provocarea de suferinte fizice si psihice prin orice mijloace; 

18. La articolul 23, dupa alineatul (1) se introduce un nou alineat, alineatul (11), cu urmatorul cuprins: "(11) Constituie infractiuni urmatoarele fapte: a) detinerea si comercializarea de animale salbatice de catre persoane fizice si juridice neautorizate, cu exceptia gradinilor zoologice;b) folosirea animalelor pentru cersetorie, in scopul obtinerii de foloase necuvenite; c) faptele prevazute la art. 6; 

Din Normele Metodologice la Legea 258/2013

CAPITOLUL V Capturarea, transportul şi adapostirea câinilor fără stăpân 

Art. 11. - (1) Serviciile specializate pentru gestionarea câinilor fara stăpân, precum şi operatorii serviciilor specializate pentru gestionarea câinilor fara stăpân sunt obligate sa captureze acesti câini in 
urmatoarea ordine: 
a) câinii agresivi si foarte agresivi care circula liber, fara insotitor, in preajma scolilor, gradinitelor, locurilor de joaca pentru copii, parcurilor, pietelor publice; 

(which were the "aggressive" dog in these images ? )

(2) Câinii sterilizati, ocrotiti si asumati de catre comunitatile de locatari, care nu circula liber in spatiile publice, nu vor fi capturati de serviciile specializate pentru gestionarea câinilor fara stăpân, respectiv de operatorii serviciilor specializate pentru gestionarea câinilor fara stăpân.

(4) Imobilizarea câinilor fara stăpân prin administrarea de la distanta a unor subsatante stupefiante 
si psihotrope, cu ajutorul armelor utilitare, trebuie efectuata sub stricta supraveghere a medicului 
veterinar de libera practica organizat in conditiile legii .
(were was the veterinarian supposed to use the tranquilizer ? ) 

Anexa 2 - Capturarea si transportul...

1. Capturarea câinilor se va face de către personalul angajat al consiliilor locale, care trebuie să fie format din persoane instruite în acest sens.
2. Capturarea câinilor nu se va face prin aplicarea unui tratament brutal. Persoanele care capturează câinii fără stăpân vor fi în mod obligatoriu vaccinate antirabic.
8. Armele de captură nu pot fi utilizate pentru capturarea căţeilor, aceştia putând fi răniţi grav.
( the tranquilizer arm CAN NOT BE USED for the capture of puppies, because they pos a serious danger to them ) 
Please, take urgent measures to identify those cruel and barbaric individuals, who dragged that dog, shot with tranquilizer a puppy, and grabbed the animals by their feet and skin, and to defer them to justice in order to be severely punished and FIRED immediately.
It is very strange to see that these acts of cruelty are taking place in front of the POLICE< which should actually immediately intervere and stop them, and file complaints against these people, because the break the law 9/2008 and 258/2013.
This is unacceptable and I will forward my letter to the EU and major international organizations.

Thank you for your attention.

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This petition had 5,635 supporters

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