Enforce Part IV of the Civil Remedies Act to restore peace to Ottawa

Enforce Part IV of the Civil Remedies Act to restore peace to Ottawa

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Started by Freedom Ottawa

We, the citizens of Ottawa, support the right to lawful protest. We take no issue, and indeed fully encourage, the many selfless #freedomconvoy Canadians who for whatever reason chose and choose to come to Parliament to protest and lawfully make their voices heard. 

However, for the past week we have been held hostage by a small group of a few dozen anarchists in large tractor semis who do not share the same goals of unity as the vast majority of protesters. Indeed these agitators seem to be actively seeking to sow public discontent by tormenting the local residents. Specifically, we refer to persons in trucks and tractors engaged in relentless honking through the use of both conventional tractor horns as well as train horns whose volumes at times regularly exceed 150 dB, obstruct our city streets, and whose continued demonstration of the atmosphere of lawlessness permit groups of individuals to bully our local workers and businesses into closing to protect their staff and customers. This is only a small sample of the misery they have imposed on us, though we could list, and you no doubt have heard of more.

Needless to say, this small group of determined anarchists among them have not only interfered with our enjoyment of our own homes, but also caused immeasurable harm to local families and local businesses. They have cost police forces across all levels of government significant time and effort as they struggle to enforce the rule of law in the face of rampant harassment. Our Chief of Police has even suggested we will need to bring the Canadian Armed Forces to get these anarchists to leave.

We have two requests:

(1): We urge the Attorney General to immediately use his powers pursuant to Part IV of the Civil Remedies Act to seize ownership of any vehicles that continue to harm our community and use the proceeds from such sale to recoup the cost imposed to our community. The anarchists refusal to adhere to even the most basic neighbourly decency continues to interfere with our enjoyment of our homes, the safety of our streets, and the resources of our city. Since reasoning with the children has failed to stop the tantrum, perhaps taking their toys away will.

(2): Should the Attorney General be unwilling to make this request, or should the Courts be unwilling to satisfy it, or should seizure or the threat of seizure be insufficient to deter this insanity, we urge all of you to fully support the police removal of these miscreants in the shortest time possible, with, if necessary, the assistance of the Canadian military. We urge you to pass any law required to accomplish same, including resorting to short sharp use of the notwithstanding clause of the Charter during the removal of these agitators. 

No protest in the history of Ottawa has ever been so gratuitously abusive to the residents of the city. We are at our wits end. and it is only a matter of time before local citizens begin taking matters into their own hands. If this culture of lawlessness and pointlessly misguided rage spreads to Queen's Park, as they intend, we expect you will see firsthand what this feels like. We hope you read and act on this before anarchy erupts on the street of Toronto.


The protest supporting, but tinnitus suffering, families of Ottawa


492 have signed. Let’s get to 500!