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Medical Negligence

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I had a to have two surgeries due to medical malpractice & negligence. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I want people to be aware of what should have happened & what happened & to not get double billed because "the doctor used different codes" for the second procedure to cover themselves so that I got billed twice. But it's more the fact that I should have only had one procedure & instead had two because the doctor wasn't prepared & a longer healing time. Medical is now getting out of hand on what they bill you for on each item. What happened to caring about the patient & satisfy them to their needs & make them healthy, but not cost them an arm & a leg? Please see my story of what I went thru-

7/11/16-First call of pain to Healthcare For Women. They Nurse would call to squeeze me in. Informed them to call my work & not my cell. They called my cell. I missed the call. She left a message for me to call back. Didn't say time of possible appointment. I called back & they said that I only could speak to the nurse about squeezing me in. The Nurse never called back.

7/12/16 -I called HC4W again & they said nurse would call back again. Never heard anything for rest of day while yet I'm in pain.

-Called Primecare they were able to get me in following day at 9:00am

7/13/16-Primecare Dr. Oppenheim very nice & concerned. Wanted me to get lab work done & an ultrasound STAT. She called later that day to inform me that lab results were good. Ultrasound scheduled for next day.

7/14/16-Ultrasound at 8:30 am. 12:30pm Dr. Oppenheim had informed me I have a fibroid cyst in my uterine canal that needs to come out ASAP. It's a decent size & causing the pain & abnormal bleeding. For me to call HC4W & push my issue with them to get me in ASAP & that she would send over my results to them now.

-Called HC4W after getting off the phone with Dr. Oppenheim. HC4W said they could not see me until August 9th. Had to call Primecare back to push the issue for HC4W to see me because the receptionist wasn't caring to my needs nor the fact that I'm in pain & a doctor said I needed to get in ASAP. Had to go bath & forth pushing this issue twice that day.

7/15/16-After Dr. Oppenheim's assistant informed me that I will be getting a call to get into HC4W.

-HC4W squeezed me in at 3:15pm. Dr. "A" seemed concerned, sincere, & thorough. She was sure that the machine would get it out. I informed her that if she wasn't able to get it out vaginally to cut me open & get it out. Her surgery scheduler was off that day & Monday but would have her call me first thing Tuesday morning 7/19 to say when surgery is. Sent home with pain pills that did not work & pain all weekend long.

7/19/16-no call from HC4W

7/20/16-HC4W call saying my surgery is for 7/25/16 at 1:45pm

7/22/16-Had to go in for urine pregnancy test in order to try another kind of pain pill. (I’m single & there was no possible way of me being pregnant, nor would I take a chance of getting pregnant with this mass inside me). Plus Primecare did a blood test for all levels & pregnancy by blood. All negative a week prior. Girls at HC4W in back were rude & had attitude. Didn't care how much pain I was in. I had asked for stronger pain meds & they wrote up the same prescription as 7/15/16. I refused the prescription & left crying. They didn't act like they cared of how much pain I was in during all of this.


7/25/16-Dr. "B" said to Dr. "A" machine may not have been calibrated correctly prior to my procedure. That it wasn't working to it's full potential when she used it the surgery before mine. They did my procedure anyways thinking perhaps that my cyst was 3.8cm & the machine could handle it? It was bigger than what they expected the size of a baseball & machine stopped working. She took me off the gas & then went out to inform my mom & friend they couldn't get it all out! I told her during our appointment on 7/15 to cut me open if need be. I was having surgery; should I have to elaborate on how to do your job to take something out of someone?

-Still left in pain.

-I was not given antibiotics in case of after exposure infection.

-Possibility of opening cancer cells after attempting to get the mass out & chipped away at it, then wasn’t able to get it all out.

7/26/16-Called to schedule my recheck for a week after procedure after being emotionally & physically pained. Reception put me on hold twice during this call. 10min total to finally say they can squeeze me in with my doctor.


8/1/16 Dr. "A" said they couldn’t perform the procedure when the saline bottle was changed on the machine. The fluid wasn’t filtering properly & she felt if we didn’t have enough fluid in there that I could get infection. I asked why they didn’t cut me open. She said because if I was a bleeder & needed a transfusion that they wouldn’t have that one site. Shouldn’t they think of ALL of these things if that is to happen? What was the point of leaving partially in me? She said she would cover expenses on her part but that I would have to pay for anesthesiologists (2) times? Am I a lab rat that is supposed to go under as many times? I said to take this out of me. Should have been a one-time deal. Not, opps sorry the machine wasn’t working anymore, she’s done, let’s wake her up & go to the next patient & instead get her rescheduled a week later & then go from there. I’m just completely baffled on this whole scenario. Emotionally & physically wrecked. I’ve been constantly crying. This is the worse treatment ever!

8/3/16 Prior to procedure was the first time I saw sincerity from Dr. "A". But then again maybe she was happy to get to do surgery. In the surgery room she sat in the corner saying nothing like she was nervous. Surgery was bigger than planned & had to be cut open to get remaining mass out. Again, why wasn't this done on my original date 7/25/16.

8/8/16 called to schedule re-check. Lorena hung up on me. called back & spoke to Izzy. She took forever & said I couldn't get in until 8/22/16 for my 2 week later recheck. Also wanted to speak to the person that files with the disability; Vicky. Left her a message & she never called me back.

8/11/16 I called back to speak to Vicky about not calling me back & to file for disability. Said disability doesn’t pay for the first week. I wanted to change to my original surgery date 7/25/16 since this ALL should've been done during that day. This was not honored.

-I was also informed by Primecare Dr. Oppenheim that they pulled my previous history of ultrasounds. In 2010 I had my appendix taken out & they could see the fibroid cyst at a few centimeters. In 2013 I needed a DNC with the same kind of machine. Dr. "B" did this procedure. She also works at Healthcare For Women. She should’ve been able to see the cyst then & did NOT take it out! Six years later it had tripled in size. Needless to say I will be getting a new gynecologist office.

-The doctor should have done further testing & not just taken Primecare's word about the mass though she knew I was in pain, I didn't have my first procedure for a week, there was time to do more evaluation on the mass with X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan.


This has been the worse medical treatment I have EVER gotten. No the only BAD treatment I have ever received. Really bad look for SVMH. Since this mess I have been emotionally & physically in pain & the only person seeming to care has been the staff of Primecare who is also owned by SVMH.

12/6/16 I was informed that there is no medical negligence. That the consent form I signed was what was the “planned procedure”. But the Surgery Center explained that this is an “estimated cost”. If something more needs to be done then there will be more fees. The procedure was not complete & Dr. Marki-Dunn said she would cover all expenses for the second procedure. Apparently she denies this wording.

From my mother-She said she would waive her fee, and she said the part about the machine maybe not being calibrated . You could take her to small claims court . Is it worth the time and frustration ?



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