Investigation into corruption in the City of Bixby

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The city of Bixby has been overcharging for water utilities for over two years now and they blame the situation on water leaks or bad meters but the issue has never been fixed or addressed and continues. There are many citizens receiving water bills from $300-1400! The City admitted there was a problem and has swept it under the rug. All of this has been publicized on the news, social media and addressed in council meetings as well as work session meetings and reflects on minutes of these meetings.
Myself and other citizens have also been completely ignored in our requests to the City of Bixby for a meeting with the City Manager and City Attorney Tammy Ewing as directed by the DA office in an email I have. I asked the City manager and Attorney Tammy Ewing if myself and other citizens could have a meeting at her office to discuss Ethics violations and Conflicts of interest that directly affect the Citizens of Bixby and the Quality of Life of its citizens and she denied my requests twice in and email I have. We have correspondence from many citizens with the City Manager and City Attorney Patrick Boulden that also have never resolved issues brought up.
These issues are former City Attorney Phil Frazier and Mayor John Easton having personal legal ties that represent a conflict of interest in either of them serving the City at the same time but has been allowed to continue for years due to noone investigating the ties till now. The City attorney Phil Frazier also has ties representing a case for Mayor John Eastons family Trust (property of that trust has been involved in city business) in a litigation that also involved Developer of which the City just Bartered Bond money to from the 2016 Bond that was allocated to assist flood areas in South Bixby. This 2016 Bond money was voted on by the citizens of Bixby and the City council and set to be used for flood repairs and prevention in South Bixby and was voted to be allocated for that purpose but was given to Developer in a deal bartered by the City Manager. (on public record) Furthermore this deal was voted down and the City Attorney Phil Frazier not only made it a point to push this deal back on the table but told the council and citizens it had to pass, even arguing with a councilman who is the Councilman for that ward! This was voted down with councilwoman Robin Decatur Abstaining and the Mayor John Easton Opposing, but when it was forced back before the council by Phil Frazier councilwoman Robin Decatur Voted for it, Mayor Easton Voted for it, councilman Paul Blair (who was assigned the seat without election) voted it and Vice Mayor Brian Guthrie Abstained, one councilman Opposed it as he did originally as many citizens were not given a chance to speak by City Attorney Phil Frazier.
The Conflicts of Interest are that Councilwoman Robin Decatur serves as a director on the Chamber of Commerce and owns Farmers insurance, poses a conflict in any agenda item she passes by Chamber Members and developers but continues to not abstain or recuse herself. As an insurance agent she stands to profit from ALL developments and discussions she votes on being a councilmember.
Mayor John Easton owns Easton Sod (which has donated sod to Charlie Young Park) owns many properties in Bixby some within the downtown areas being developed and is Trust of Noah & Betty Jo Easton properties that have been sold/given to the city on public record so poses a Conflict of Interest, also he stands to profit from ALL developments he passes through the council as these developments potentially will need Sod. Most of the developers he passes are also Campaign Donors of his of which he should abstain or recuse but does not!
Vice Mayor Brian Guthrie also poses a conflict of interest as a Real Estate Broker/Agent as he stand to profit from these developments. He has not abstained from voting on the recent Annexation of property that he had listings in. He also has property listed for John Easton and other areas in direct path of these developments they continue to pass. He also has the very same campaign donors as the Mayor John Easton which are developers that they both vote for.
Paul Blair was voted by the council for the ward 3 seat and the Conflict of interest lies in the fact that he is childhood friends with Vice Mayor Brian Guthrie. Together these four councilmembers have created a voting bloc and they pass anything that they can potentially profit from even when citizens show up in opposition to the agenda items.
One councilman is the only member of the council who will return phone calls and emails and assist with citizen concerns and he is on record many times speaking against this voting bloc. This was most recently witnessed when a room full of people opposed to an annex of property were voted against while noone in opposition showed up, the annexation is tied into a lawsuit and arrest of a man by the City of Bixby who had no Jurisdiction and thus to cover themselves in the lawsuit they have "reannexed" the property since it legally was never part of Bixby!
Myself and many citizens have reached out to every agency in the state and on the federal level to open an investigation into this and many other issues and violations of the Open Meeting Act, violations of the City of Bixby Charter and City Handbook violations of Ethics, Conduct and conflicts of interest that lean on actual violations of the constitution. I personally have been singled out and called before a meeting to the bench three times by the City Attorney Tammy Ewing to restrict my time to speak on agenda items. I have reported to the EPA about the overflowing mismanaged lagoons that the city continues to hide and citizens around Haikey Creek are getting sick from the smell. But also reported on concerns of the city trying to purchase land in Muskogee to store waste on, as well as building a treatment facility that the Public works director herself Bea Aamodt has stated on record was a nightmare before and they dont know how to properly mix Chloramines like Tulsa and that they could not properly staff or maintain the previous plant!!
I am praying today that you will recieve this and contact myself and many other citizens who want an investigation. Please help us to remove the corruption from our City and to remove these City Officials who have refused to answer our concerns and have stated in Public Meeting of the Council that "they will Self Police and the only option the citizens have is to contact their Ward Councilor or take it to the Ballot box" (That statement was made by our City Manager Jared Cottle to me in Public Meeting)
I am praying that you investigate the over billing of the water utility, investigate the misappropriation of funds from the $975,000 2016 Bond money the citizens voted for and the city bartered to Developer, investigate the City Manager Jared Cottle and the constant misappropriation of funds being moved around and renamed for other purposes, investigate the personal dealings of City Attorney Phil Frazier and the Conflicts of him working for and being a friend of Mayor John Easton and why they are able to serve together for the city since they have personal litigation and business litigation conflicts and ties directly to the city, investigate the impropriety, fiduciary and blatant Ethics violations that these city officials stand to profit from past and future agenda items passed for the developers they are friends with and donated to their campaigns!
I pray you investigate the City of Bixby thoroughly and provide the citizens with relief from the corrupt activites this city is doing. I can and will assist your investigation any way I can. I have notes and records of my investigations into this corruption and I can put you in contact with many other citizens as well!

If the City of Bixby and the 4 members of the City Council have nothing to hide then this investigation can and will put the citizens at ease and allow us to move forward for a more transparent future and plan for an oversight committee to oversee the council and its members as well as city staff! 

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