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Criminally Charge Corrupt Court Personell violating Our Civl Rights

Human Trafficking is being done with Our children, right here in Shasta County. Children are being taken illegally by part or all of the system. Previous headed by now DISBARRED Jack Halpin, there are still the torch bearers or the others that turn a blind eye to the outright placement of Children with abusive parents or entrapped by CPS for a price on their head if they can adopt them out. We the Protective Parents who Love and Long for the safe return of our children are being kept from them by the collusive system and He who has the most money wins. Parental Alienation at its FINEST!! Help us get an audit of The Shasta County Superior Court and overturn the illegal, improper and hellacious custody orders handed down to Hurt the Child and the Parent who is trying to protect them.

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  • Attorney General Kamala Harris, Governor of Ca and the AOC of California

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