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Free an innocent man RICHARD JACOBS

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 We have created this petition along with our wrongful conviction page, too not only work towards bringing Richard Jacobs home , but too get his story out and ask help from the people who's voice matters and can help.

The year 2000 Richard was exactly 1 month over the age of 18 when he was convicted of capital murder on a man he had only knew for 2 days. He had been staying with a very good friend of his, and the friend had too move and Richard wasn't able to make the move with his friend. So Richard contacts his dad who is in texas where Richard is from as well and had only been in ms for about 2 weeks maybe 3 at the time, he let's his dad know what's going on and asks him if he can come get him. His dad let's him know that in the next 3 days he could get him a bus ticket so he could come back too texas. Richard knew his friend was leaving before his dad could get him back too texas so Richard asks a girl he had been talking too for about a week if he could stay with her for 3 days until his dad got him the bus ticket. She informs Richard he couldn't but she did know a guy who he could stay with, who had just gotten home . So Richard phones the guy and Richard believes from just talking with him that he was an ok guy and never thought anything else about it. So Richard let's his friend know of the arrangements he had made and his friend's dad took Richard over too the guy's house later that night. It being dark and Richard not knowing his way around in that part of the country just knew it was a long dark dirt road with no houses around but 1 around the house he made it too. He get's out the guy comes too him introduces his self as Jeremy. He helps Richard into the house with his stuff introduces him too his dad who he lived with along with a roomate named Donnie, who Richard wouldn't meet until the murder itself really.Everything is fine and Richard then phones his dad and let's him know he is safe and was with Jeremy and his dad . So the next day Jeremy's dad let's Richard know it is fine for him too stay but he had too have a job. Richard has no problem in that and so him and Jeremy asks Jeremy aunt too give them a ride too find a job. She agrees and takes the boys too where they needed too go. Richard get's told by a company after doing an app too be back that afternoon , so they leave go back to the home until it came time for the interview. Jeremy had no luck in finding a job. Well as they return too the home Jeremy and his dad get's into it and nothing nice was said on either parts, name calling, etc and they leave and go back to the ladies home asks her too take them back to the store for the interview. As they leave Jeremy is extremely mad telling his aunt that his dad was a drunk and that one day he was going too kill him. Richard is in the back seat says she kinda laughed it off saying hush you know your just mad at him right now, and Richard thinks the same thing not knowing them but for a day Richard kinda just let's it go. Everybody says things they regret and never takes it seriously , even more when your a kid like Richard was. Once they arrive there and the interview is over Richard is told he got the job and too be back too start the next morning at 8, Richard says ok and thanks them and they all leave. They return too the home and once again Jeremy and his dad gets into it and he calls them faggots etc he is drunk and Richard tells him no sir i have a girlfriend and he walks away. He goes outside where Jeremy is and him and Jeremy takes a walk down the road. They is a girl down the road and her and Jeremy are talking and he tells her about his dad and how she needed too watch the news that he would soon be famous on tv. Richard again not knowing him he thinks ok not sure what that is about but ill be leaving tomorrow anyways and let's it go. There walk back too the home and Richard is tired so he goes and lies down. As he wakes some time later Richard recalls hearing Jeremy on the phone making out some of it, but some he couldn't. Jeremy let's Richard know that his girlfriend would be there that night . Now from that moment on the time events went on pretty fast! The girlfriend showed up and they took her stuff through a window and that's when Richard knew something was off cause Jeremy didn't want his dad waking up and finding her there. After making it inside they all go too Jeremy's room including the dad's roomate. Once they get in there Jeremy has Richard get the blanket with the object that was in it that Richard had carried in and with it being dark he doesn't see what it is so he has no clue what was in the blanket. As Jeremy opens it Richard see's it's a shot gun. Jeremy asks his girlfriend too hand him a bullet so she does and Jeremy tries loading it and she said i already loaded it. Now Richard is scared and panicking inside bad. Jeremy tell's Richard and Donnie how he plans too kill his dad, with the shotgun Jeremy had pointed at them and the gun Jeremy's girlfriend had on her lap pointed at them,  and leave they could come and keep their mouths shut or die it was very very simple. So Richard and Donnie agrees too tell nobody and keep their mouth shut! Now it's time too kill his dad and take his car! Jeremy tells Donnie you be loading the car and asks Richard how would you kill him? Tells him his plans but wants too know how Richard would do it. Richard tells him i cant , i couldn't, if you want to get away steal a car. Jeremy tells him he has it and that Richard and Jeremy's girlfriend is too walk down the road too the church and wait for him and Donnie. So they walk out. Now as Richard leaves he thinks Jeremy is just gonna steal the car and they would be leaving in his mind he didn't know Jeremy and thought Jeremy was mad and bluffing .  But Richard does what he is told and walks too the church with her , he already knew she had a gun as well and where would he go? He didnt know where he was! After getting to the church and waiting about 15 mins later Jeremy and Donnie pulls up , Jeremy is driving and Donnie is in the back seat. So he get's in the back and the girl get's up front, Jeremy asks where do you wanna go? Richard answers my dad's in texas! Little did Richard know and didn't find out til court but Jeremy and Crystal had planned the murder and robbery of Jeremy's dad the weekend before Richard arrived. Jeremy had stolen his dad credit card and they stayed fighting, Jeremy had broke his dad's ribs, and stabbed his step father, and had just gotten out on bond. The girl that Richard was talking too never mentioned anything too Richard about none of this . They head out and they stop by the girl's house Richard get's out and tell's her that he is going too texas too work , get his licenses, and his car that his dad had him and he would be back too be with her. They leave .As they get into louisianna and get gas Jeremy asks Richard too drive because he didn't know how too get too his dad's , Richard not really knowing how too and no licenses he still done it , he was ready too get too his dad's and he was tired! So as they go too leave it's dark and late and Richard can't see and runs into the median and all over the road , about that time blue lights light up in his rear view and they are pulled over. Jeremy starts panicking and tell's Richard you better get us out of this or ill kill you , cause i just killed my dad so get us out of this! That's when Richard learned the man had been killed and he panicked and was scared and feared not making it too his dad's. So he lies too the officer and shows the officer a school ID and the man writes him 2 ticket's and let's them go. As they pull off Richard is sick and tells Jeremy i cant drive so they switch and Richard get's in the back seat. Jeremy and his girlfriend are talking and Jeremy tells Richard you talk i swear not only will i find you and kill you , i'll kill ya mom and sister and tells Richard their address and all and Richard knows he aint bluffing and swears he want! They pull over at the bayou and Jeremy and Donnie throws out the shotgun way off into the water. They get back in Richard tell's him the directions cause it's a straight shot too his dad's from there. Richard is in the backseat scared and sick , closes his eyes and listened too the fussing and arguing of the others. They get too the dirt road and Richard is made too drive down it too the house, as they get there and get out and Richard gets his bag Jeremy reminds him too keep his mouth shut and Richard did just that so nobody else was killed. The other 3 left and at some point the car breaks down and They are arrested and Donnie tells the police everything but instead of who the robber and killer truly was he tells them its Richard. After that the fate of Richard's future was in the hand's of the state of mississippi and the true killer and the victims sister's hands! Richard was coerced into giving a confession that he done it along with fear, promises, and lenicey. There was no finger prints showing Richard killed him, No DNA was done on the clothes too see if the victims blood was on his close cause the way the victim was killed it showed the killer would have been soaked in blood and tissue. Richard's appointed lawyer was Jeremy;s mother's attorney who was in court as all this was going on. The judge on Richard and ll of their cases was the district attorney at the time of Jeremy stabbing and his step father and helping steal a car. So the judge knew the family personally from prosecuting Jeremy a few months before. The jury knew the judge and the authorities on the case. The victims sister, and the girl richard was talking too lied in court. The courts had every amount of proof too show Richard's innocences but with held it. He was sentenced to life without parole under 99-19-101 and with that element you have only one shot of appeal and it was turned down, we have tons of new evidence too prove how mississippi helped frame an innocent man , and we are here to ask for the people to not only read this but go to our page " WRONGFUL CONVICTION OF RICHARD JACOBS" see all the proof and please sign our petition and share it around the world. Help us hand deliver this with thousand's of signatures . It's time for the disable like Richard, the children like Richard was too stop falling victim too the system. Please sign and share and like our page and let's be the voices that bring an innocent man home. #teamjacobs   

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