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UK Govt Review Lenient Sentence Given For Female Student Lavinia Woodward's Knife Crime

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We live in a diverse society in which all people, regardless of gender, race or religion, should be made to feel that we have an equal chance of justice. Equally, unwarranted violent and offensive behaviour should not be tolerated.

On 25th September 2017 Judge Ian Pringle intends to spare Lavinia Woodward a custodial sentence after having been quoted in his summing up at the end of the main trail, in which she was found guilty of a crazed knife attack on her non-threatening and innocent boyfriend, as saying of a custodial sentence, "a sentence which would be too severe".

Her gender and race have obviously played a part in Judge Pringle's decision when it should play no part in determining the the severity of her sentence. Also, I have no doubt the judge was influenced by the fact that she is white and blonde, using her unlikely career as a surgeon as an excuse to spare her a prison sentence. Would anyone seriously want someone with so little self control and discipline operating on them? Everyone has aspirations but if you commit a serious crime part of the consequence of such actions is the loss of a career or opportunities. Part of rehabilitation is starting from scratch and learning to build a better life. Because right now Lavinia's privileged life has led her in the wrong direction. The last thing she needs is for more privilege to be thrown her way, if she is to become a better person.

The outcome of this case sends a worrying message to our youth, with knife crime and female perpetrated domestic violence on the rise, as well as making men feel as though they are fair game for being stabbed or subjected to other violence at the hands of women, without there being any serious impact on the life of the perpetrator.

I would like The Attorney General to review the sentence passed down in this case, as it does not match the seriousness of the crime committed and the offence/ insult caused to the wider community, in treating a perpetrator more lenient just because she's female and her race matches his.

Lastly, The Attorney General should reprimand Judge Ian Pringle for displaying positive discrimination in favour of the perpetrator, which should never play a role in sentencing. I have no doubt that had the perpetrator been a black male or female, a custodial sentence would have been administered.

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