Arthur Labinjo- Hughes “Arthur’s Law “ Increase sentence to Whole Life Term.

Arthur Labinjo- Hughes “Arthur’s Law “ Increase sentence to Whole Life Term.

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Started by kim price

On June 17th 2020 the Life Support Machine of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes aged 6 was switched off. 
This child had experienced over 2 years of vicious violent attacks at the hands of his own father, Thomas Hughes 29, and Hughes girlfriend Emma Tustin 32.

Between them they starved, beat and  poisoned Arthur, forcing him to endure hours upon hours stood bolt straight in corners! 
Fed and forced to drink water and food filled with salt. Refused a bed and made to sleep on a floor alone despite having injuries so severe he could barely stand. 
Both adults researched how to use pressure points to inflict as much pain as possible on this child while sitting back enjoying take away they ignored his begging for food and water !

Tustin regularly messaged Hughes telling him that she was going too “ Chin “ Arthur or “ take his head off “ Hughes in reply told her to “ tie him up at the mouth and to “ finish him “ !

Even as he lay dying  of “ unsurvivable injuries “  Tustin lied to police telling them “ he’d fallen and hit his head after trying to attack her and wreck the house” !

Today 3rd of December Tustin was sentenced to 29 years in Jail before parole for Arthur’s murder, Hughes his own father was sentenced to 21 years for “ Manslaughter “ !

THIS is not acceptable! THIS is another case of a child dying and the system not using its power to sentence BOTH parties to a “ Full Life Term.

please sign this for Arthur! Please sign this to force our judicial system to increase these sentences to a FULL Life Term ! And create 

“ Arthur’s Law “ so ANY child murdered is given an automatic FULL Life Sentence.

Thank You.

Rest in Peace Arthur.

And “ You ARE Loved “








10,507 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!