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Attorney General: I was gang raped when I was 20 and you've delayed compensation 6 years – please don't make me suffer any longer

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This is very hard for me to talk about. I was gang raped in 2008 by three men. I was 20 years old. They took turns raping me on the banks of a river – then dumped me at a servo.

The men went to jail. But it plunged my life into a living hell. The nightmares and flashbacks still terrify me. 

I've paid through the nose for psychological help to recover. But because the government still hasn't paid my victims of crime compensation – 6 years since being raped – it's meant I've been in debt and had to borrow money from friends and family just to get help. 

They've been "processing" it since I was raped in 2008. And now to add insult to injury – I've found out the government have changed the rules on me while I waited. They've now refused to pay my application as they'd promised after I was raped. 

In 2013 they retrospectively changed the legislation to cut the amount of compensation and support for gang rape victims like me. Even though I was raped back in 2008, spent years submitting documents and done everything they've asked for, now they've cut the support they'd promised by over half.

I don't understand why they're doing this to me. I can't fully move on because the government won't finalise my case. Now I just want this to all be over, to have closure on this and be able to get the ongoing help I need to recover. 

I was too terrified to be named in the news reports at the time, but this is the story about me from 2008. In it the police say they were worried about the "seriousness and impact" this attack would have; doctors agreed – but the government refuse to listen. 

I can't even describe how horrific being gang-raped was - it will haunt me forever, but what's even worse is the toll it's taken on my life - I'm broke, I've had to pay huge amounts of money to get treatment. If I can't get support, then they will have not only made me suffer personally, but also have put me in a position impossible to work my way out of.

I'm not the only person this is happening to, but I am probably the first to speak up about it. 

Please help me convince the Attorney General to pay the victims of crime support they promised after men viciously gang raped me in 2008.

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