Baby Ebony was brutally killed - Australia needs a national child protection database now!

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Baby Ebony was brutally beaten to death - Australia needs a national child protection database now!

Baby Ebony was just 4 months old when her father brutally beat her to death. She had 48 breaks in her ribs, 2 broken arms and a broken leg - and after she died, she was left to rot for a week.

She didn’t have to die.

Her father had previously abused 2 other children in NSW, before moving to Adelaide to mercilessly brutalise Ebony.

Unbelievably, there’s no national child protection database in Australia - which meant Families SA didn’t know about this monster’s history of abuse so couldn’t save Ebony when they had a chance.

We can’t just let child abusers escape their history by moving to another state! The solution is so simple - create a national child protection database that all child protection workers and law enforcement officers can easily access. The database will not be accessible by the general public.

It’s too late to save Ebony, but we need to protect other babies who are still at risk - we need a national database now!