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Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: Stop CWC schools from opening

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We ask the Attorney General for an injunction to stop Citizens of the World Charter Schools, a network based out of California, from opening in Williamsburg and Crown Heights on September 9, 2013 because the IRS is currently investigating the organization for fraud.

Citizens of the World Charter Schools (CWCS), a National chain of charter schools based out of California has been approved to open two schools in Brooklyn September 2013--despite the fact that CWCS is under IRS investigation for fraud.

The IRS investigation puts both CWC NY schools at risk for closure after they open. This is not fair to either the families who enrolled in CWC NY schools or the tax payers who foot the bill.

Why is the IRS investigating?

• In 2011, the scandal ridden and now defunct California non-profit Wonder of Reading funneled all of it's money and resources, which were given to build libraries in public schools, into the creation of a new chain of charter schools, Citizens of the World. Both organizations are run by the exact same executives and board members.

• CWCS was granted tax-exempt status as a charity by the IRS in 2012 on the grounds that they would provide grants to open new schools but NEVER charge the schools a fee for any rights or services. As soon as their non-profit status was granted, CWCS quietly used their power over the local NY schools' trustees to push through exhorbitant "licensing agreements" that will funnel more than $3 million of tax dollars away from the New York children they were intended for and into the hands of a few wealthy executives of CWCS, a California corporation.

• To date, no grants have been given to the NY schools, only loans. And the school budgets show that the schools will not offer food, a school nurse, or even a janitor.

Parents have the right to know this critical information!

Parents who applied to Citizens of the World schools Williamsburg and Crown Heights are not aware of either the IRS investigation or that their children will not be offered food.

There has been significant opposition to Citizens of the World in the Williamsburg community since early 2012 when it was discovered that Citizens of the World had racially motivated marketing strategies and racial targets of 55% white for the CWC Williamsburg school.  Hundreds of parents protested the schools at the public hearings.

Parents in CWC LA schools are complaining that their children are not receiving promised and required services, including English Language Learners and children with special needs. There were several incidents of neglect in CWC LA schools that led to a child passed out in her own vomit, a child beaten in the bathroom, and another child in a coma for five days.

We believe that the CWC NY schools are predicated on a relationship with a corrupt organization. We also believe that the IRS investigation will bear fruit.

We believe that Brooklyn children deserve better.

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