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It is possible that members of Congress are actually profitting from doing harm to the US economy. This unethical behavior and corruption needs to stop.

Letter to
Attorney General, Eric Holder, and SEC Chairman, Mary Schapiro
We the People of the United States have reason to believe members of Congress as well as the families, friends, and business associates of members of Congress are unethically profiting from doing harm to the U.S. economy. As a result we are asking for an investigation into all members of Congress, their family, friends, and close business associates to determine if any of them obtained significant financial gain by betting against America during the 2011 Debt Ceiling debate as well as the 2012 Fiscal Cliff negotiations. We want you to examine the stock, bond, commodity, currency, and other financial transactions of these individuals to determine if they made significant shifts in their portfolios near key dates in the 2011 Debt Ceiling debate or the 2012 Fiscal Cliff negotiations which resulted in significant financial gain and was likely due to inside information not generally available to the public.

The basis of our suspicion is the prolonged resistance of legislators to reach a deal during the 2011 Debt Ceiling debate and now in 2012 with the Fiscal Cliff negotiations. The uncertainty caused by the inability of Congress to reach a deal creates disruption in global financial markets and impacts the value of the US dollar, interest rates, commodities, and stock markets. Insider knowledge of the most likely outcomes of these negotiations could allow a small number of people to reap enormous financial gain. It is quite likely that billions if not trillions of dollars will be made or lost based on the outcome of these negotiations. If Congress were acting in the best interest of the American people they would be dealing with these important financial issues in a more timely manner and would be willing to compromise.

The consistent inability of Congress to pass legislation to deal with our country’s important financial challenges leads us to believe Congress must have a conflict of interest preventing them from working together for the American people. We strongly suspect the conflict of interest for Congress must be that they are reaping significant personal financial gain from the status quo which creates uncertainty and allows a few people with inside information to obtain tremendous financial gain in a highly unethical and potentially illegal manner.

We look forward to the results of your investigation.

The American People

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