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We want Autism Recognition/Special Needs Awareness training for all U.S. Law Enforcement Officers.

My teenage nephew with Autism was tased by two Police Officers after they saw he was holding a toy gun. He was playing in his uncle’s yard while family watched out the window. A neighbor saw him and called police claiming they saw a man with a gun in their yard. Officers arrived and another nephew watched them get out of the car immediately (not approaching the home as well) yelling "Hey" (instead of stop police)chasing the boy. My family ran out but they had already tased him. Upon arrival they grabbed their guns, then recognized the toy and used their tasers instead shooting him in the back and neck. He went for the door scared when he saw their guns. He did not recognize them as police because they did not identify themselves clearly. They both tased him in the back and neck at once. They said the tasers did not burn the skin but we took photos. We THANK GOD that he was not shot but this could have been avoided with even 1 day of training! We want all law enforcement across the US to be trained to recognize the posture and speech differences that were obvious in this teen's case. Please support us in requiring training to help prevent this from happening to any other innocent kids! It can also help protect officers from some scrutiny and legal issues. These kids need to trust police. Officers need to identify them to help prevent this from happening again! Thank you for your support!

Letter to
Governor John Kasich
President of the United States
The United States Department of Justice Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.
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Governer of Ohio John Kasich
We want Autism Recognition and Special Needs Awareness training for all Law Enforcement Officers.

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