Save Urban Legend MTB Trail

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We, the undersigned, call on the State of Hawaii to sanction the “Urban Legend” trail in the Pupukea Paumalu Forest Reserve and allow it to become a mountain bike skills park.
It has come to the attention of the Oahu trail users that the State of Hawaii is planning to remove a very popular trail in the Pupukea Paumalu Forest Reserve, known as “Urban Legend”. The improvements on this trail were a community driven project. As mountain biking’s popularity has been increasing in recent years, this trail has become a favorite for local trail enthusiasts of all ages. While we recognize that this trail, and it’s manmade features, were not authorized by the State, we feel it would be beneficial to the community if this trail were allowed to remain intact.
Following the guidelines of the International Mountain Bicycling Associations "Trail Solutions” and “Bike Parks” (two highly regarded trail-building publications) the features on this trail are well designed and structurally sound, with options for riders of all skill levels, and “go-arounds” to bypass the features entirely. This project included thousands of volunteer hours and significant private donations, all for the common good of the trail community. This meticulously maintained gem of the North Shore has cost the State nothing. Thousands of people have enjoyed this trail.
The Urban Legend trail covers approximately 1 acre of the 1,100-acre Pupukea Paumalu Forest Reserve. We are asking that the State of Hawaii allow this small section of the Pupukea Paumalu Forest Reserve to become a sanctioned MTB skills park. Manmade features would be allowed within this confined area. The trail users have already installed a number of warning signs that comply with Chapter 13-8 Hawaii Administrative Rules regarding warning signs on improved public land. This area would be maintained and financed by the local trail community and would not cost the State anything.
We understand the State’s liability concerns. We also understand that there exists a precedent for manmade features on public land. State wide, many other sports allow the option for users to improve their skills through advanced, manmade features on public land. Skateboarders have skate parks. Dirt bikers have Kahuku Motocross track. Maui MTBers have Makawao Forest with it’s advanced skills park. Gun enthusiasts can fire live ammo at Kokohead. And of course surfers can surf 50-foot waves if they like. This proposed skills park would provide Oahu MTBers with the same opportunity. We ask the State to work with the local trail users to find a solution to the State’s liability concerns. The local MTB community is willing to help fund an insurance policy.
The State and the trail users want the same thing:  a top-notch multi-use trail network that can be enjoyed by all. Having a sanctioned MTB skills park would be an enormous benefit to the trail community, and would cost the State nothing. 
Oahu’s MTB community takes considerable pride in being strong stewards of the land through frequent, ongoing volunteer efforts maintaining trails, hauling out rubbish, clearing deadfall, guiding lost hikers back to their vehicles, and spreading Aloha.