AG Porter: Dismiss Charges Against Dr. Pridgeon

AG Porter: Dismiss Charges Against Dr. Pridgeon

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We, the undersigned, demand Attorney General Christian Porter dismiss the charges against Dr. William Pridgeon, Patrick O'Dea, Arthur Doubleday, Cassie Watter, Patricia Plaistead and all others indicted in “Operation Noetic”. We also demand an end to this witch hunt which serves to terrorize, punish and silence protective mothers and those who help them escape the system that is failing to protect their children.

Operation Noetic has snared many good citizens who only had the best of intentions—protecting children from sexual abuse by their father. Helping mothers flee into hiding is a last resort as there are no options left after Family Court judges order children into the custody of their named molesters and rapists, despite strong, credible corroborating evidence.

Dr. Pridgeon is prominent 64 year-old physician, who is now facing 25 years in prison for his acts of heroism. He is a true hero for risking everything to help protect children from sexual abuse.

Arthur Doubleday is 83 years-old and is the father of Cassie Watter, who was caught in Operation Noetic in May. Cassie is now out on bail awaiting trial for having run to protect her twins. Arthur’s 83 year-old wife (Cassie’s mom) was also indicted for helping Cassie and is awaiting trial. These indictments were made despite the fact that Cassie’s case has some of the strongest evidence any sexual abuse case can have: physical and medical evidence, along with professionals who have substantiated it.

This epidemic of women losing custody to abusive fathers is a well-documented, international phenomenon. The Women’s Coalition petitioned the UN with hundreds of cases from 20 countries, including many from Australia, and the UN Commission on the Status of Women subsequently confirmed that this is a serious form of discrimination against women. The Coalition has received thousands of emails and has been collecting photos and stories in the “Faces of the Crisis” exhibit:

Australian Federal Police are threatening to arrest more mothers and citizens who have acted to protect children from Family Court orders endangering them. 

We, the people, hereby demand all charges be dismissed against any citizens caught in Operation Noetic and an end to the witch hunt. 

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