Criminally Prosecute Alleged Sexual Harassment by Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya

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UM sexual harassment case mentioned on Astro Awani

On Tuesday, September 1st, Astro Awani invited the Tiada.Guru campaign to discuss the issues of injustice in education perpetrated by education authority figures. Tiada.Guru was represented by Sharmila Sekaran, a noted child rights lawyer & activist whose NGO Voice of the Children has worked various Special Task Forces to demand legal reform on the protection of children.

At 23:50 of the interview:

Sharmila Sekaran, Tiada.Guru:
 "It shows you they are aware of this problem."

Sharaad Kuttan, Astro: "This seems to be beyond teacher absenteeism--which is the question of sexual violence in schools. That seems like another extraordinary fact. Are these outliers? Are these bad teachers? Predators? Or is it something, again, about the way our institutions function?"

Sharmila Sekaran: "Absolutely. It's an institutional problem. You know, very clearly what has happened is—if you look at the recent case of UM, where there was an allegation against a teacher—sexual allegation, sexual abuse allegation against a teacher. What the police have now said is that because UM has disciplined the teacher, they [the police] are not going to take any action. 

This is problematic because it is a criminal offence. If the teacher is found to have been sexually inappropriate with a student, then it is criminal offence. It is not just something that which a university can take care of. A university needs to place certain checks and balances, whatever it is, to ensure it doesn't happen again. But in terms of the relationship between the lecturer and the student, it's a police case. And they're not taking action."

Melisa Idris, Astro: "Wow."

6 months ago