Keep Jefferson County free of large commercial, military and paramilitary training centers

Keep Jefferson County free of large commercial, military and paramilitary training centers

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Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Why this petition matters

Do you want Jefferson County to host a private, commercial, military and paramilitary training complex with 7 gun ranges, 3 helicopter pads, and overnight accommodations?

Do we want our county to become a “Rally Point” for armed anti-government groups to gather when the “collapse” that they anticipate comes?

                                             Well, neither do we!

But Jefferson County’s Board of Commissioners and staff are being intimidated by a flurry of lawsuits from the developers of just such a project. The owners are demanding over $100,000,000 in damages in response to the County’s effort to regulate the siting and operations of commercial gun ranges. Experts call intimidation campaigns like this “paper terrorism.”

In response to this pressure, new Jefferson County ordinances passed in December 2018 open up 76% of unincorporated areas for commercial gun ranges of unlimited size and scope. The paper terrorists are winning.  We could become the “go to” county for large scale commercial shooting complexes.


The Tarboo Ridge Coalition supports our military and responsible gun ownership, as well as small, recreational, gun clubs that promote sensible, safe training in the use  of firearms.

If you are a Jefferson County resident or property owner, and of voting age by November 1, 2020, please join us in asking Attorney General Bob Ferguson to provide legal resources to support the county in countering these lawsuits. Together we can protect Jefferson County's thriving farms, fish, forests, and families. 

So that we can impress Attorney General Ferguson with broad local and regional support, and so that we can let our County Commissioners know we have their backs, please tell us where you are from in the text box. (Please urge our Commissioners to support the recommendations of the planning commission as well by signing this petition as well.)  Thank you!!!

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651 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!