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Attorney General and Premiere of QLD to investigate lenient sentencing for sex offenders

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This is a petition to get the attention of the Attorney General Yvette D'Ath and the Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk.

For far too long, the courts have been giving lenient sentences to paedophiles/rapists, and they are either released on immediate parole or not even going to jail at all

It is about time, that an investigation is done within the legal system to find out why so many of these animals are not getting longer sentences and in some cases, not going to jail at all.

People who commit such atrocious acts are a danger to society and as a victim of child sexual abuse myself, I can confirm the trauma you experience never ends and you will never completely repress those memories.

I call on both the Attorney General and The Premier, to investigate this matter. Even investigate some of the magistrates as well

And I would look both of them to give an explanation to all the victims as well to the community, why the courts are failing. Yes, failing. It is not justice for a victim of a sex crime to live the rest of there life knowing and reliving what has happened to them, and yet the offender is able to get out with a light sentencing or to go on parole.

Enough is enough. Time to protect the victims, not the offenders

Below is a list of articles from Rockhampton's The Morning Bulletin newspaper (copy and paste and put into search engine to see article) which is proof of how much this is happening. It is beyond disgusting

17 November 2016 - Ultimate Betrayal Bad Grandad Porn Ring Shame

16 November 2016 - Man not further punished for selling meth to daughter

6 October 2016 - Dreadful Uncle Preyed on 13 year old Niece

20 September 2016 - Sex pest harassing Central Qld released again

03 September 2016 - Man charged with indecent acts with sister

02 September 2016 - Tearful dad hears how he abused his daughter

26 August 2016 - Child Pregnant After Abduction

25 August 2016 - Would I get a snack if I told the truth?

18 August 2016 - Rockhampton Man Sexually Abuses 10 year Old Neighbour

17 August 2016 - Man caught with toddler porn to be released

30 July 2016 - Low IQ spares convicted abuser time behind bars

21 June 2016 - Sex offender to be released despite breaches

3 May 2016 - Online Sex Predator jailed for disgusting crimes


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