Approve NJ State Practicing Licenses for non-US residents with Tax ID Number

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Dear Attorney General:

As your constituents and Small business proprietors of New Concept Beauty School No 2 in Elizabeth, NJ, County of Union, we are respectfully writing to you to bring to your attention the Irregularities in the NJ State Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling, Division of Consumer Affairs and the alleged discrimination against the thousands of minorities in beauty schools and small businesses in this field. We may add to the alleged bureaucracy in the procedures of investigation in this agency related to the minorities requesting authorization to sit for examination and Licensure.

These are good, honest students of hardworking families and of a good moral background with no criminal background and they all have the intention of obtaining their residency, social security and or employment authorization card. We ask only that the Board allow these students to get licensed in the state of New Jersey after being given false hope by updating and uploading these new applications, giving them the option to register as a student and sit for test with an ITIN.

 This S.A.V.E. program that was implemented by the Federal Government in the state board and this issue with the Hispanic Students who are being denied their right to licensure because they don’t yet have their social security and legal US residency or Immigration status has caused us to incur a financial loss of over $6 Million dollars in potential candidates in 4 years. We are hanging by a thread and by divine intervention we have been able to barely make ends meet while still providing the best vocational education in the beauty industry for the state of New Jersey. Please help us Mr. Attorney General, in Union County alone there are over 450 Beauty Salons statistically speaking on average 5-10 employees at most of these salons are Hispanics with and without a practicing license, thousands of Hispanic Americans will be left unemployed if the State Board denies the licenses to these Bright students who strive to make things right and work on the books.

Please keep in mind that if this discrimination continues, the overall economy of the State of New Jersey will be greatly impacted on a detrimental scale, as there are Billions of Dollars in revenue generated every year for the State of New Jersey from these very same individuals who have not obtained their legal status, these are the very same bridges you are burning by denying them the right to legally work in their desired field. I remind you, Attorney General that New Jersey is an Equal Opportunity Employer and that by denying these licenses to these individuals herein petitioned, New Jersey will no longer be an Equal Opportunity Employer but will become the State that discriminates its very own residents on account of their legal status.

Please help us to make New Jersey the Great state that it once was and always has been. My students don’t deserve to be treated the way they are being treated. They deserve the respect that they give the Authorities at the Board. Thank you so much for your consideration in this matter. I trust you will feel my heartfelt plea and I trust you will consider these families and I TRUST that you will do the right thing.

Furthermore, I would like for you to consider homologation of education and work credentials for individuals who want to practice cosmetology and manicuring and barbering and skin care who have training and work experience out of the country. Many of these individuals move to new jersey where the Beauty Industry is booming in hopes of furthering their career in New Jersey and that hope is stripped away from them when they are told that none of their work experience or previous training counts if they are from another country. This is Discrimination and all that is previously mentioned is a DIRECT Violation of the universal Declaration of Independence. Human Rights are disregarded stomped and spat on when our rights to work in our chosen field is taken away because we completed our training outside of the country and are not currently US residents and or Naturalized Citizens. 

Once again, Attorney General, Members of the Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling, US House of Representatives, Elected Officials I ask that you consider changing this regulation and start issuing permits and practicing licenses to individuals with ITIN as you used to do so for over 30 years before implementing the Demeaning S.A.V.E. Program. 




Juan P Ortega

School Director

New Concept Beauty School No. 2


 263 North Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07208