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Keep our Children safe from pedophiles & convicted sex offenders Geraldton/Midwest

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I am sure that you have heard of the pending release of a convicted pedophile that is set to walk free in our community amongst our children, vulnerable peoples and elderly. Although there are strict rules in place for this particular person this is NOT a gaurantee that this person will NOT harm another inocent child! The judge states that this person "has a life long problem". We must take a stand to stop this person from offending again.... and he will it is just a matter of time. As a mother I am not prepared to allow this to happen and for any child's life to be destroyed by a mentally ill sexual predator! Why do we have to wait until it is too late before we say we should have done something! Children who have been effected by the likes of this person grow into adults who are damaged and some even take their own lives because we have failed to protect them as a society! 

I know of a convicted child sex offender who lives locally, a few months ago I was with my toddler at an indoor playground when this person pulled up in the car park and freely walked into an area where little children were playing!  No rules are going to stop these sickos getting near children... they can not help themselves! They must be removed from society to avoid the risk of another child being harmed! 

A few months ago in South Western Australia a convicted pedophile was able to start a youth group and become a leader.... the result another child molested! 

We as a community must take a stand together and appeal this decision for this person to walk among us in our community. 

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