GLOBAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH BILL: Work-Life-Health Balance & Fairer, Safer Workplace

GLOBAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH BILL: Work-Life-Health Balance & Fairer, Safer Workplace

July 5, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Salma Hyek

Many Multinational Companies, especially Silicon Valley Tech Companies, which have teams in multiple countries to save costs and increase profits, exploit Global employees by expecting extremely long hours of work on a continuous basis, mostly benefitting  the Top Management. Some  companies have become toxic sweatshops with Employee health at stake. Global White collar employees work across continents, forgoing their sleep, family time, timely meals and health, but do not get any extra benefit and are forced into such long work hours just so they can keep their jobs as it has become the 'norm' and the 'culture'. There is no ‘end’ time to a day’s work in these jobs. Night time and Early morning conference calls are the norm even after a long, regular work day. Lack of sleep on a continuous basis builds stress in the body which in turn can clog up arteries leading to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Unfortunately, this dangerous trend is an unsaid, undiscussed, expectation which in itself is becoming a silent pandemic and taking a toll on employee health, family time and well-being, moreover, CUTTING SHORT THE EMPLOYEE'S LIFESPAN. 
This is a heartfelt Petition and Proposal for a Bill to  change such work hours and adequately compensate White Collar Global Employees for severe & adverse health events like a Heart Attack or a Stroke related to  Long, Dangerous and Unreasonable work hour expectations by  Multinational Companies, and to encourage Employers to look out for their Employees’ Work-Life-Health balance.  We need to ensure that the future generations  have  reasonable and healthier professional work hours so that   we can leave behind a better, fairer, SAFER, world for our kids.

Recently a family member, a healthy, active guy, with zero health problems had a heart attack due to stress from continuous, excessive work hours. He was on a company call when it happened. His workhours were dangerously long: Early morning calls + Commute + Day at office + late night calls. He worked 14/15 hours per day, weekends included, across 4 Global time zones (INIDA-BOSTON-CALIFORNIA-AUSTIN) and hardly had time for family, timely meals or rest for his body. His arteries clogged up rapidly until he collapsed one day, all his other parameters being normal. Surprisingly, other than medical insurance, the company did not offer the family any other compensation for such a devastating damage to his life.  Luck and sheer medical miracle saved his life that day, but we now live with the trauma of it everyday. These medical damages impact families beyond repair – Psychologically, Physically and Financially, both in the short term as well as long term.
This kind of a Health Catastrophe due to extreme work hour stress and across continent conference calls at odd times can adversely impact Employees by : i) Cutting short their Life Expectancy, ii) Losing their Productive Work Years by more than a Decade as they will quit work life early due to health concerns, iii) Result in Loss of Income to the family as  extreme hours limits spousal abilities to work & earn due to kids in School (one parent has to manage the house!), iv) Take a toll on Family’s Mental and Financial health, v) Take away the Employee's Family Time, and v) Increase your medical and other expenses for life. 
Surprisingly, there is no law to moderate these extreme work hours or to adequately compensate 'exempt' employees for such a major health damage. Discriminatory suits which can win millions in court seem trivial when compared to the severity of life threatening injury at work, for which the laws and compensation are inadequate, archaic and pro Big Corporations. This is unfortunate and needs immediate change. I urge you to help me make a change so that white collar GLOBAL EMPLOYEES in High Tech/Multinational corporations have a remedy for such terrible and debilitating tragedies due to dangerous work hour expectations, and all of us, including our future generations have a better Work-Life-Health balance. Request you to please sign the petition below and circulate the same to as many friends and family that you can – Thank you in advance for helping make it a better, safer workplace!
GLOBAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH BILL - strongly urges the Local, Federal Government and Labor organizations to make the following suggestion into LAW effective immediately and retrospectively (for 2 years) to hold Corporations liable and accountable so that families of 'exempt' White Collar Employees in Global roles who suffer such catastrophes can be adequately compensated: 
1.     Encourage Corporations to provide every White Collared GLOBAL Employee with a minimum continuous 10 hour gap from work : Example - 10PM to 8AM with NO official calls scheduled during this timeframe so that the employee has time to relax, eat his meals on time, and recoup (Encourage reasonable work hours). 

2.     In the event employees NEED to work even these odd and dangerous hours apart from their regular 8-10  daily work hours, and in the event they suffer a major life altering medical event such as a heart attack/stroke/hemorrhage while at work, then, for the sacrifices each of the employee and the family made, and the ordeal, the employee and the family should be:

         i.     Adequately  compensated on a fast-track basis to help cope with the severity of the situation (Companies can set aside 5% of their net profits/one year's Top Management Compensation whichever is higher) as reserve for Global Employee health catastrophe), along with
         ii.     Lifetime  Medical Insurance for the Employee
3.    Adequate Additional compensation (2 times regular salary) as part of their Total Compensation for  GLOBAL EMPLOYEES who are required to work over 10 hours a day for that overtime worked due to cross-continental meetings (who forgo breakfast and dinner times with family), odd hour (early morning/late night) conference calls and other work as they burn out faster.

Thank you for signing for HEALTH AND JUSTICE, for reasonable Employee Rights and your help in making it a better, safer, fairer world.



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Signatures: 147Next Goal: 200
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