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Attn Republicans, Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos! Stop Immigrant Bashing.

The Republican debate is reaching toxic levels of intolerance that, without challenge, will normalize intolerance and anti-immigrant xenophobia.

Neither Gingrich's World War II citizen review boards nor Romney's attrition strategy are solutions to today's issues. Recognizing both immigrants' labor as well as our humanity is the solution.

Tell them to keep our name out their mouths. Stop immigrant bashing in the debates.

Tell them, "Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos." We are migrants. We are human. And we are home!

Letter to
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
The immigrant community is tired of being a political football and suffers from the results of the hateful rhetoric in the debates.

Stop using immigrants for your political gain and stop promoting inhumane policies.

Start recognizing both immigrants labor as well as our humanity.
We are human and we are home.

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