ATTN Governor Baker- Open Mass Training studios and Personal Training Safely ASAP

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As a community, we're facing challenging times never before seen in our lifetime. The toll this has taken, not just economically, but physically, mentally, and emotionally is something that will be discussed for generations to come.

It's times like this where we have to come together and take care of one another. While there are many uncertainties, one thing that is certain is the positive effects of exercise.

Research has shown time and time again that exercise strengthens our immune system. It lowers the effects of depression. It protects us from many of the same things that lead to more serious complications from COVID-19. And most importantly of all right now, it gives our community an outlet to cope with the stresses we're all battling.


Fact- Every single comorbidity that 98.4% of folks who sadly die with COVID have can be improved by proper exercise and diet... So why close training studios? Shouldn't we focus on making our communities healthier - safely?
Isn't that essential?

We can open safer, cleaner and follow the CDC's and governors guidelines better than any large retailer.

-Our priority is to keep our staff and members as safe as possible while providing an environment that enhances both physical and mental health. (we need this now more than ever).
-Unlike huge retailers, private fitness studios can 100% control the attendance and social distancing beyond recommendations through strict scheduling,
-Our members do not have to share equipment.
-We can clean equipment and our facility between every scheduled sessions.

This petition is asking Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker permission to reopen Micro Gyms, Personal Training Studios, Pilates and Yoga Studios ASAP so that we can help our community SAFELY.

We believe that as smaller, independent facilities, we can take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, follow strict social distancing recommendations, and fall in line with local, state, and federal recommendations.