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Politicians Need a Reality Check! Give Them Min Wage & The Same Health Benefits As Us

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The U.S. Government was created to serve the interest of the citizens. However, over the years our politicians have become corrupted with power and have lost all reality of what it is like to be an average citizen in the United States. Instead, their greed has led to unrealistic salaries and health benefits. While the citizens have low paying jobs struggling everyday on how to make ends meet, exorbitant taxes and health benefits that are a joke.

Our country has such an unbelievably high amount of debt it cannot survive much longer if something doesn’t change.

The latest debacle is change to Obamacare. Is it needed? Absolutely! However not at the expense of the citizens of the United States. First of all Obamacare wasn’t the best but it was a start, let’s make changes and improvements on it to make it great instead of dumping the whole thing. I think everyone can agree the idea of universal healthcare is that everyone can afford to have it and be covered. Well, Obamacare failed on that front. This year healthcare premiums and deductibles are at an all time high and will continue to increase. What’s the sense of paying for insurance if you can never use it because the deductible is too high. All that we needed to do was make it’s so Obamacare is not mandatory and you have the choice to buy coverage or not. Get rid of the penalty for not having insurance (this is America the land of Freedom and choice). Lastly open up the markets so all insurance companies have to compete more across the country this will draw down premiums.

I think it’s time that all of us as US citizens join together and have our voices heard. Our government officials don’t live in the same reality as us and I think it is time for that to change. I think it’s time for our politicians to receive the same thing that they give to us Minimum Wage Pay, and high Healthcare costs.

Reality check of Government Officials pay:

In 2015 member of Congress where paid $174,000 such a drastic change from their 1985 salaries of $75,100

The Speaker of the House in 2015 was paid $223,500 a $42,100 increase from 2000

Our Senators are receiving $174,000 annually while in 1985 they made $75,100. That means their salaries have more than doubled in 32 years doing the exact same job.

Has your salary more than doubled in that time frame doing the same job….. I think not.

Don’t believe me check out the info yourself

  Our Federal government Officials receive much better health insurance then we do as well.Take a look at the plans they get to choose from

and the amounts they have to pay

 Does Anyone Else See A Problem With This?

I think it’s time that all elected officials should be equal with the people they are supposed to be serving. Maybe then, we can make some real change in our country.

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