No to Oppressors of Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting (LCIF)

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Obesity is an epidemic globally and now even locally in the Philippines - from only 16.3% in 1993 to 31.1% as per latest count last year. There are at least 18M Filipinos suffering from being overweight and obese. We all know that obesity significantly increases the risk of other chronic illnesses, such as, but not limited to, hypertension, diabetes, etc. The incidents are getting younger and younger. 

The global obesity epidemic seem to have started when the US Nutrition Guidelines, based on studies that were cherry picked by Dr. Ancel Keys which chose favorable studies on carbs and not on fats/proteins, which is pretty much the same guidelines we use in the Philippines, were recommended by its government during around 1970s. These guidelines are basically based on theories and hypothesis - not facts. A fact is indisputable. 

Having said that, there shouldn't be any nutrition guideline/s, regardless if it is pro/anti-LCIF, because the argument about the subject is still wide open for discussions which means no one is in the position to confidently say that a certain diet (balanced diet, carnivore diet, vegan diet, etc.) is the right diet.

We have been doing the balanced diet since the 80s and look where we are now in terms of obesity rate - we are even in a diabetes epidemic now in the Philippines.

The LCIF way of eating is an option which helped a lot of Filipinos in my Facebook community Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting™ - the largest low carb group in the country (almost 2M at the start of this petition). No one should oppress anyone who wish to learn, teach and do LCIF because doing so is a curtailment of our basic human rights - choose our diet, choose to speak. Oppress LCIF and we will never know which diet is truly more effective for the majority, if not everyone, of Filipinos.

In line with this, the legislative body of our country should do something about the existing law on nutrition and currently implemented nutritional recommendation which is even written in elementary books. I call on legislating nutrition laws in favor of freedom of choice and speech and not on a particular disputable diet whether pro/anti-LCIF.

#NoToNutritionGuidelines #NoToUnfairNutritionLaws