Advise his client,Lynnie Carl to return the dog originally known as Fiona to the Mommy & me Rescue

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Fiona was rescued before she was even born. Her mommy was in a high kill shelter down south. It took many people working on her behalf to coordinate rescue and transport. After birth, when Fiona was 8 weeks old we thought we'd found the perfect person to adopt her. Everything about the prospective Adopter, Lynnie Carl, checked out perfectly. We couldn't have known just how wrong we were! :(

Everything seemed to be going fine. The Adopter, Lynnie Carl would respond whenever we questioned how Fiona was doing. Our only concern was that the Adopter, Lynnie Carl kept forgetting to send updated images, and proof of spay as stipulated in the contract that the Adopter,Lynnie Carl signed. But we realize people are busy and didn't think too much of it.

Then when Fiona was nearing 1yr old, we saw a niece of the Adopter selling a dog that looked identical to Fiona. When we questioned the Adopter,Lynnie Carl we were assured it was not Fiona, and when we asked again for an updated image and proof of spay (she was too young to spay prior to adoption), we were told "absolutely, I will get that to you ASAP".

Only it never came. So we waited patiently for a few weeks and asked again. We were ignored. And again... ignored. And then when we asked yet one more time, we were blocked from the Adopter's, Lynnie Carl's,  Face Book page. So we called the Adopter's home, with no answer. Then we called the Adopter's work and left a message. The Adopter, Lynnie Carl returned the call to tell us to stop our harassment, that [the Adopter, Lynnie Carl] didn't have to provide us with anything.

Then we posted our story on our Face Book timeline and the Adopter, Lynnie Carl unblocked us to let us know that [the Adopter] had hired THREE attorneys and had gone to the state police because of our "harassment". The state police did call us and asked for our side. When we told them, they said it "sounds like something suspicious is going on" and advised us to not contact the Adopter any more but to go straight to the magistrate. 

The Adopter, Lynnie Carl, in this case had read, filled out, initialed and signed a Contract (defined by Princeton University as "a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law"), that explicitly states: "Documentation of spay/neuter must be provided to us [Mommy & Me Rescue] by: DATE: Jan. 1, 14 [Date filled in by Adopter]", and "I agree that Mommy & Me Rescue will have first option of reclaiming the pet [Initialed by Adopter]." The Adopter is clearly in breach of said Contract.

We had asked over and over and over "just take a picture of the proof of spay and of Fiona with a cell phone and send it to us". The Adopter, Lynnie Carl, AGAIN refused and stated that the threatened lawsuit against us was for harassment and defamation of character.

We are begging everyone to share her story far and wide and help us find her. We don't know who has her, if she has been spayed or maybe even bred! We don't know if they are loving her the way she deserves! We have invested many hours of love and care with Fiona and we are worried sick about her.

Our trying to enforce the terms of this Contract is taking away from the time we could be spending saving other dogs, taking away rescue monies to fight for Fiona... when all it would have taken is an updated image and proof of spay to stop it all. What kind of a person would do this?

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