ATS Pristine II Ghar Do

ATS Pristine II Ghar Do

9 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bharat Vashist

We are about ~350 families, whose hard-earned money is stuck with ATS in pursuit of buying dream homes at their ATS Pristine II, Sector 150, Noida. The project has been delayed for more than 2 years and we have no clue about when we will get our homes.

We have paid around 90% to even 100% of the money to the builder. Most of us are tax paying salaried or self-employed citizens who have taken huge loans to pay. Several senior citizens have invested their life savings in this project and now retired.

This inordinate delay has caused financial distress and disrupted our families. Is it a curse for hard working citizens like us to dream and aspire for a better life?

ATS promised us many times, but failed to deliver. Our children have lost their childhood and some of us have lost our loved ones in the process. Senior citizens have exhausted their savings. Our dreams are shattered. For so long, we have waited patiently, but now we need help to get our homes.

Adding insult to injury: 
• ATS, supposedly a reputed builder, doesn’t respond to calls, doesn’t meet commitments, just fake promises, skips date after date and keeps us in dark.
• ATS keeps launching new projects infact there are over 3 ongoing projects in Sec 150, Noida itself.
We have few questions…
• If we, as common citizens, have no respite from paying our taxes and EMIs on time, why are developers not held accountable to deliver on time? 
• We have taken loans from trusted banks who have approved this project during launch. What about accountability of the bank who have done necessary due diligence?
• We have paid requisite taxes to govt. How is the Government helping us? 
We are running from pillar to post. We need bailing from such a distressing situation! This is a huge callout to anyone hearing us. We need your help! Please sign this petition and help us gain the attention of the Government, the authorities and ATS to give us our homes.


Please give us our homes.

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Signatures: 249Next Goal: 500
Support now