Close all Degree colleges in Karnataka due to the outbreak of Covid-19

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As each everyone of you know the outbreak of  pandemic Covid-19 has spread to most corners of the world and infections is on the rise. The State Governments have closed almost all public places where there are large gatherings. Pubs, Malls, Cricket matches and similar sporting events  etc have been stopped or postponed Marriages are being rescheduled. Schools have also been closed. But high schools or degree colleges are still open and commencing classes. The students in colleges are much more prone to be affected by such viruses as they will be in contact with he outside world more and hang out with many other people. Since this an infectious disease and we can catch the virus inspite of taking many precautions we can catch this virus and colleges are places where students and other people come together and there will be human interaction and human contact. For the welfare of other people in and around the campus shall we all take this chance and sign this petition and I humbly request you all who can lend their vote so that colleges can be closed for some time and until then proper disinfection and other precautionary measures are taken so that virus traces are eliminated all this with the view of the welfare of the students and teachers.