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ATOS CEO and Board: Critically assess ATOS competency to effectively arbitrate DWP claimants.

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Currently it is widely reported that ATOS Healthcare dehumanise, demonise, discredit, upset, ignore key medical facts and have biase towards disqualifying a large number of DWP claimants from benefits. Subsequently, it is reported, a large amount of those disqualified claimants go onto to successfully have an appeal overturn the ATOS outcome and rule that the claimant is in fact entitled to benefits.

Given the high percentage of upheld appeals it follows that ATOS staff might be incompetent for the job or are prejudiced against claimant making a successful claim. If staff are found to be incompetent or have been mismanaged then they should have professional qualifications withdrawn and they should step aside from their role.

This petition is to demand that Ursula Morgenstern, CEO of ATOS UK, and Thierry Breton, CEO and Chairman of ATOS, representing the ATOS Board, critically examine and report on their organisations ability to competently perform and provide the UK public value in their contract with the DWP.

Further Ms Morganstern and Msr Breton should consider the corporate damage that ATOS UK might be doing to the wider ATOS business. Given that the role of a CEO is to safeguard the income, profitability and reputation of the organisation it follows that if ATOS Healthcare might damage reputation, income or profitability (perhaps through a campaign by UK individuals boycotting ATOS, it's key customers and partnerships) then Morgenstern and Breton should leave the ATOS business on the grounds of failure to deliver core competencies of their roles.

Furthermore if ATOS has provided flawed assessments then the UK people should be refunded and compensated for the failure to perform requirements of the contract. If individual claimants are found to have been detrimentally affected then those individuals should receive a public apology, compensation and support through the full reach of UK, EU and Human Rights legislation.

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