Age discrimination is still discrimination - a fight for rights: kids are not all the same

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This is about age discrimination, child health, mental and physical wellbeing and fairness to all. Atmosphere changed their policy to exclude my daughter who is 15, from an antigravity fundamentals class by making it now a minimum age of 16. She has been completing the class for 3 months and is more experienced than most participants. The photo is Jade’s 1st class 18 August. She has now completed 12 classes. She requires no individual assistance where many others do and they won’t make exception. They claim kids under 16 are causing delays in the class. This is not my daughter. She does not speak or ask for assistance and she knows her limits. They did not speak to parents of those participants. They did not give notice of the change. They allow people with intellectual disability, low English or elderly age - and so they should! However, this is clear that it is age discrimination as there is no other reason to exclude these members over others. To my knowledge there was only one other person under 16 attending and I’ve never seen him disrupt the class and he is also more experienced than others. They are basically saying all kids under 16 are the same and what at 16 they magically mature and have greater abilities?

Reverse the discriminatory policy

Personal story
Just a mum trying to support her daughter to live a healthy life. Fighting for the little people and their rights

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