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Please Port Persona games to the pc!

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Persona is a big part of the JRPG world, and beloved by many world wide. It's considered up there with The Final Fantasies, the Tales of Games, and Star Oceans. It's even just as Legendary as the classic Final Fantasies. Given What great of games Atlus produces and how beloved the Persona Series is I believe porting Persona games to the pc with create even more fans of the series. I believe this game can move pc gamers just like it moved me when I played Persona II all those years ago. It's a unique experience compared to Final Fantasy or tales of games because of how it intertwines school life and your combat abilities not to mention choices you make in the persona games affect which ending you will get, so it have great replayability. The story of each Persona game always feels fresh as well despite being almost always in school setting and dungeon crawler combat type areas. Also unlike most other rpgs persona games let you choose how difficult you want it to be on a deeper leven than just easy, medium, hard mode etc.....Please sign this petition so you can experience these fantastic jrpgs.

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