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Dual audio for English translation

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throughout recent years, Japanese games have steadily been translated and distributed for the western market in the past. We are happy and appreciate it when a Japanese game is translate and brought over to the west. BUT! at the same time, they are missing the most important option for us and that is, the option to change voices over to the original Japanese voices. IN recent years, many publishers that release games in the west, have included the option for "Dual Audio", which lets fans pick the original Japanese voices and/or to pick the English dub.

in a recent year, many japanese developer whose released their game in west, started making dual audio an option to their translation game. this is because a japanese game (TRANSLATED) or more specifically a j-rpg have a specific market, someone whose like japan game&anime bought that. and what is another aspect that important in j-rpg beside story and gameplay?

the voice actors. lots of people whose like and buy jrpg USUALLY like an anime and manga. they watch anime in japanese dub and that whats make them more comfort in listening a japanese-style game or anime in their original voice actor. and in respect, WE DO NOT SAY english-dub is bad, some people like hearing an english-dub more than japanese one. we just want to have more option of how we enjoy our game. Thank you !

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