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Create a new Trauma Center game

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There are a total of five Trauma Center games, with two on the DS, and three on the NIntendo Wii. The basic premise is that you play as a doctor (or in the case of the last game, a variety of doctors) working to save lives and stop incurable diseases. The last time there was a game released was in 2009, Trauma Team for the Wii. The series, while occasionally over-dramatic, is fun, challenging, and requires a fair amount of thinking and skill. The graphics are beautiful, the characters are likable and well written, and the soundtracks for all the games are fantastic.  It's one of the series that truly utilized the motion controls of the Nintendo Wii, and the touchscreen of the DS. It's a great series, which I recommend to all gamers with a Wii or a DS to try out.

It has been roughly seven years since the newest game, and I feel an entry for either the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or even another system, would be great. There's a large sum of people who would love a new release, and I hope this petition can encourage others to give the series a chance,and inspire Atlus to revisit the series. 


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