Petition for Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch

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"Dear Atlus,

Please bring Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch,

We'll bake a cake for you

Yours truly,

Your fans... Peach!"

Apart from being chosen as the most wanted 3rd party series on the Nintendo Switch in a reddit poll, the Persona series must come to the Nintendo Switch, it's a perfect match! These are great games to play in the hybrid console of Nintendo: TV mode for hour-long sessions of great RPG dungeon goodness and portable mode for shorter sessions of managing social links and daily activities!

Morgana also makes perfect amiibo material and the characters of Persona could also appear on the Switch edition of Super Smash Bros.

Now that Persona items, costumes and characters have appeared on both Sonic Forces and Phantasy Star Online 2 on the Nintendo Switch, the tease is getting too much to ignore!

Atlus & Nintendo: we are more than grateful for the development of SMT V on the Nintendo Switch but please consider bringing Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch too!